The Grossest Yet Most Interesting Beauty Product I’ve Ever Used. Warning, Gross Feet Pictures Included! + Giveaway

I can’t be the only one to not keep up with moisturising my feet right? Out of all my body parts, my feet are probably the last I think about in regards to upkeep (except for clipping my toenails). Because of that, they probably are more on the drier side and after wearing heels a lot more recently, my skin has definitely toughened up on my feet too.

When I was offered to try out Foot Exfoliating Socks from iTreat, not going to lie I was pretty excited to have a quick fix to this problem.

201710181555712328-01Each box contains 2 packs of exfoliating socks, so you get two applications in each pack. You can purchase these from their site here for £19.99 a pack or from Amazon here and are on offer for £9.99 a pack.

So, you wear these socks for an hour, soak your feet afterwards and you’re good to go. Your feet are supposed to start peeling a few days after your first application.

Do these work though? Yes and it’s disgusting! I’m about to insert some pictures of my gross peeling feet for you all to see.

Gross right?! The first photo was about 7 days and the second was about 5. The whole peeling process lasted just over a week. My feet afterwards do feel incredibly soft, it really has made such a difference! I have to admit, on the sole of my foot at one point the loose skin made sort of a bubble (like the photo on the right) and it did feel very odd but not painful. But good god do not rip any skin off the foot, I did it by accident and I felt like I had stabbed myself with a knife!

I still have places on my feet where the skin was super hard and they do say you can use another pack afterwards to tackle that problem if you fancy.

Although this was incredibly gross it was fun and interesting to try! I also had the pleasure of grossing out my son and fella too, which was an unexpected bonus! I really do recommend these, they work amazingly! I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram of 2 packs if you’re interested in trying them out, I’m just allthingslacquer over there too.

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own*


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