Skincare & Makeup Fails

I haven’t done a product fails in such a long time! Infact I think I’ve only ever done 1 or 2. In all fairness I haven’t come across a lot of fails, this is months worth of trying products and these we’re the only bad ones I came across (I think, hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything).


Starting off with one of my biggest disappointments, Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot. You all know by now that I have SUPER dry skin so a shot of intensive hydration sounded amazing. First of all, I love the packaging and the pump is amazing. But Alcohol is the 6th ingredient meaning it’s quite high up there and Alcohol is so drying for the skin. This didn’t dry out my skin too much but it didn’t hydrate is any extra, seemed like an extra step in my skincare routine that I didn’t need. I also tried it in foundation as the brand recommended to use it that way too and that did nothing. This is from Superdrug priced at £24.95, I managed to get mine for half price but boy, is that pricey! If you’re looking for something amazing from Nip+Fab try their Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask, it’s bloody amazing!

Screenshot_20170815-143239-01Next up are products more on the budget friendly side. I was sent these to review and unfortunately hated them. These are the Miss Beauty Eye Crayons, available for just £1 (their whole range is) and they suck. The shades are gorgeous but they crease within a few minutes after applying. I tried everything to make them work. I know you probably expect Makeup that costs £1 to suck but I’ve tried a few products from this brand and their £1 face primer is one of my favourites. So after what I’d already tried, I was extremely disappointed.

Screenshot_20170815-143154-01Onto more skincare! This is the Garnier Moisture Bomb moisturiser. Again, I was drawn to this because it seemed super hydrating for the skin. I picked this up from Superdrug whilst on offer for 3 for 2 (I picked up 2 of these and a night cream, which is amazing) priced at £7,99 each. This wasn’t as hydrating as what I thought but not only that, it balled up when applying foundation. I tried applying it a few hours before makeup but still does the same and if I touched or rubbed my face it balled up before I even got to my makeup.


Now up, Mascaras! Starting off with the Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension(this was sent to me). Essence is one of my favourite budget brands, they do my all time favourite Mascara, The Lash Princess. But this one doesn’t do the brand justice. It gives lovely volume and length but no matter what, it smudges before I’ve even finished my makeup.

Now onto the Maybelline Waterproof Lash Sensational. Usually I never go for waterproof because I never have a problem with mascara smudging (except for the top one) but I came across this for about £3 and because I love the original Lash Sensational I decided to pick it up. This is the most annoying mascara in the world. It smudges like crazy. And because it’s waterproof the smudges are so hard to remove on top of makeup. Then it’s also super hard to remove. I don’t get how its waterproof and so hard to remove, yet smudges. I hate it and I’ll definitely be sticking to the original as I didn’t have an issue with that.

Screenshot_20170815-143514-01.jpegLast up is the Zero Skin Caviar Peel Off Mask. I got sucked into the hype and ended up spending £25 on this. And it does absolutely nothing. I have done it’s own review but have used it so many more times since then in hoping I could get it to do something but it just sucks. Also, the tube was like already half empty, was just a massive waste of cash for me. I’m a mum and rarely splurge so it pissed me off that I got a lot less than expected and it didn’t work. Also, I commented this on their Instagram, they told me to take it up with customer service (I didn’t bother) and they deleted my comment. Seems like the pictures they post are from bloggers/paid influencers and they delete negative (constructive) comments. Won’t be purchasing from this company again.

And that’s it! Thanks so much for reading, felt really good having a moan!


3 thoughts on “Skincare & Makeup Fails

  1. It’s a shame to hear the Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof mascara didn’t work for you! I love the original and was thinking of getting the waterproof next time but I may not bother now as smudging mascara is horrible! xxx

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