Silicone Tear Drop Sponge From Makeup Revolution, Are They Actually Any Good?

Screenshot_20170815-144339-01So every brand under the sun has come out with a silicone based sponge. I’ve seen very mixed reviews when it comes to these sorts of products and I’m not going to lie within the beauty community nowadays it’s hard to get an honest review of anything so it’s always worth trying out for yourself.

Luckily Makeup Revolution Kindly sent me this so I was super excited to get stuck in and see what all the fuss is about.

I do like the idea of these, not wasting product, which although I love beauty sponges they soak up so much. I did have to use waaay less product than normal, which is a bonus. Did I like the way it applied my foundation though? Not really. I used the same base products I use on a daily basis, same skincare, foundation and concealer. It’s not that it made the product streaky or sit funny on my face but it made my foundation matte, which was really odd. I have the driest skin so I need all the glow I can get and this just seemed to really dull it down. It also made my foundation cling to dry patches I didn’t even know I had.

Overall, I wouldn’t choose this over my beauty sponge or brushes. I think to get a good foundation base we’re going to have to accept that it will soak up a lot of product, unless someone comes out with a miracle product.

I do have to say on a completely random note, this is so fun to play with! It’s like a stress reliever, it’s actually helped with my anxiety! So I will get some positive use out of this product!

Thanks so much for reading guys!

*contains gifted or pr item but all opinions are definitely my own*


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