Gorgeous Handmade Goodies From TillyAnna

Sometimes there’s nothing better than handmade products, I love knowing that time and effort have been put into each individual piece and that the money is going towards someone’s home life/family etc.

A gorgeous brand called Tilly Anna is exactly that. She gave me the backstory of how she started her business and just how far she’s come. I don’t know her personally but reading that made me so happy for her and how hard work really does pay off.

IMG_20170718_224526_329She sent me these gorgeous products and the quality is honestly incredible. The pillow is one of my favourite pieces in my house and as comfortable as it is, doesn’t get slept with/on. Looking at the pillow and quote can sometimes just give me the uplift I need.

Now, the makeup bag. This is made out of canvas and again, such amazing quality. I love the quote, I now have 2 from Tilly Anna and they’ve no let me down yet. It’s not the sort of canvas that’s flimsy, this is really strong stuff. My only downside about is getting dirty. No matter how much of a clean freak you are, white and non wipeable surfaces do not go well with makeup!

But everything else is absolutely spot on. I really couldn’t recommend this brand enough and you’re supporting a Indie Buisness, not a corporate company.

Thanks so much for reading!


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