I’m Back! Favourites of 2017 So Far

So guys, I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for a good while again. It’s all down to the same reason, coping with losing my mum has not been easy and I’m still struggling. But rather than sit and sulk and stress out about not blogging I’m trying to throw myself into it instead and take my mind off of things.

Anyway, as Autumn is just around the corner (I’m so unbelievably excited guys!) I wanted to do a round up of the products I’ve loved this year so far as I know from September my posts will be Autumn based with dark makeup and best products etc etc and I’ve also not done a favourites in months so this is them all combined.

Screenshot_20170813-174452-01.jpegStarting off with a little skincare. Over 2017 I have fallen in Love with Facial Oils. I use them at night, in the morning and before applying makeup. It makes my foundation apply flawlessly, like actual photoshopped skin in real life. Now I do have super dry skin so I can get away with using it as often as what I do but if you have oily skin I recommend a couple of drops before foundation (or in it) and at night. These 2 are my favourites, Naturally Radiant Moisturising Facial Oil from Superdrug for £3.95 and Pixi Rose Oil Blend for £26.00. I actually prefer the Superdrug one so there definitely isn’t need to spend that much but I do however love it.

Screenshot_20170813-175216-01.jpeg It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include liquid lipsticks (there’s more to come!) Starting off with Jeffree Star. Love him or Hate him you can’t deny his liquid lipsticks are incredible. I only own 5 and there’s a few shades I have my eyes on but in all honesty I can’t wait for his Christmas collection! Although hoping he comes out with a Fall Collection. Pictured here are I’m Royalty (Bright Purple) & Scorpio. These are £16 each from BeautyBay.

Screenshot_20170813-174630-01Next is my very well loved (as you can see from the messy palette) BarryM Get Shapey Brow & Eyeshadow palette which costs £6.49. Ever since receiving this baby I’ve used it every single day. I don’t tend to reach for the eyeshadows but the brow powders are amazing! They don’t budge all day and are the perfect shades for me. The price is an absolute bargain considering you also get 4 eyeshadows. I’d happily repurchase just for the brow shades though as my previous go to brow palette was from Kiko and costs around £15 and I still only used 2 shades from that palette too.

Screenshot_20170813-174656-01.jpegSticking with BarryM here are their Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve harped on about these in many many blog posts and there’s a reason for that, because they’re bloody amazing! You can buy some shades individually and some come in Lip Kits and prices are £6.99 for the lip kits and £4.99 individually. They have a nice variety of shades but hoping they bring out some more daring shades as the formula is incredible.

Screenshot_20170813-174543-01Now is another product I bang on about quite a lot. The Primark Liquid Foundation which costs £2.50. I literally can’t get enough of this, I’ve gone through so many tubes this year it’s crazy. This can be built up to full coverage whilst keeping it looking like flawless skin, not cakey. It lasts on me all day, I don’t powder at all anymore and it looks perfect for me by the end of the day. Can’t recommend this enough, especially for the price!

Screenshot_20170529-192012-01Last up is the Makeup Revolution Amplified palette in Dynamic. This has literally been my everyday eyeshadow palette. It has a brilliant mix of browns and purples, cool and warm which gives you the ability to create so many eye looks. This is a talc free formula and they blend like an absolute dream. They swatch like crap so if do swatch it in store trust me, they work incredibly on the eyes. This is prices at £15, which is a little pricey for Makeup Revolution but you get 35 shadows and they’re not small pans!

Thanks so much for reading guys, I’m hoping to be back within a few days with some product reviews for you (I’m like a broken record on these posts, I know) but I do mean it this time!

Thanks for sticking around.


15 thoughts on “I’m Back! Favourites of 2017 So Far

  1. I’m sending love your way 💕 I hope your heart heals I know how tough it is loosing a parent 💞 it does take time im still hurting now. No need to apologise for being distant you need time to reflect 🙂

    On a side note I love your recommendations ☺️ xx

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