3INA UV Collection Review

Recently I’ve been wanting to get into more bright makeup. Ideally I’d love to start trying Editorial/Avant Garde but I’m seriously lacking creativity! But when I was sent these beauts, I couldn’t wait to give some bold looks a go.

These are a few bits from the 3INA UV Collection and turn a gorgeous fluorescent under UV light. These are designed to look good in the day but look insane in a club at night time.  This collection instantly reminds me of something perfect for your summer clubbing holidays, makes me think of a Ibiza beach party! All items are available here

The first product that grabbed my interest was the Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 401, a gorgeous bright orange. They also have a pink and yellow. In all honesty I was super disappointed with this. It looks freaking incredible under UV…


Sorry for the crappy photo I honestly tried my best to get a good one! Anyway, yes it glows insanely bright but the consistency of the shadow is not good at all. It’s incredibly drying and cracks and flakes. I thought it would be perfect for using as eyeliner/on the face but it was so hard to get this wing, you can see the unevenness, it doesn’t layer nice at all. It wouldn’t be good for all day use. This costs £10.95.


By far the best thing from this collection is the Fluoro Pencil, Eyeliner. This is so creamy, yet stays put all bloody day wherever you put it. I use this for the top waterline mainly, which has always been a big issue for me as I have watery eyes so it transfers to the bottom straight away. This literally doesn’t move, not even a little bit. I do have a few cons though. One issue is it doesn’t really glow under UV, I genuinely don’t notice a change. The other issue is the way it sharpens, it’s exposed all the product. The sharpener I have is Chanel and works perfectly with everything else except this. But to me it’s not much of an issue, as long as I can still use it comfortably, I don’t care! This is £8.95 and will definitely be getting a new one once this runs out!



Last up is the Fluoro Top Coat. This stuff is amazing! Can be put on top of any nail polish and doesn’t alter the shade in the slightest. As you can tell from the bottle, it gives a amazing glow that will look insane when you’re dancing in a club! This is £6.95. They do also have 3 different colour nail polishes that will glow under UV.

Would you guys wear any of these?

Thanks so much for reading!



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