BarryM 35th Birthday Collection

It’s been a while again hasn’t it! Literally feels like a month or so since I last posted (not sure how long it’s actually been). Yet again, as much as I try to drag myself out of it, I’ve not been in the right frame of mind but slowly trying to work on it. Anyway, It’s been a while since a BarryM post hasn’t it!

BarryM have been celebrating their 35th Birthday and have released some new products for the special occasion. All except the Lip Kit are a permanent addition to the range so if you’re wanting the lip kit, grab it whilst you can!

Starting off with the Pr Package I received! It’s a book which has products hidden inside. I absolutely love it and will definitely be something I keep but I cant help but think it’s a big waste of paper, it’s not a small book by any means! But I do love the individuality of it. This contains the Lip Kit called Called Blow Out, Colour Changing Lipstick in the shade Unicorn and a Nail Paint in the shade Bespoke.

You all know I adore the formula for their liquid lippies so I knew I would love this. I did purchase this before I received the pr package and have a little review/first impression and lip swatches here. It’s a gorgeous little kit and would really recommend picking it up.

Screenshot_20170707-221833-01On the other hand, I wasn’t super impressed with the colour changing lipstick. It has no colour pay off for me, except on the inside of my lip (where liquid lipsticks tend to fade first), that’s bright pink so I end up with this weird line there and on the rest of my lips it looks like I’m wearing lip balm. I don’t know whether that’s down to my personal ph level or the lipstick itself so I don’t know whether to say it’s bad or not? Either way, I probably wont be getting use out of it but it does look pretty cool!

Screenshot_20170707-222355-01Last up are the nail paints. I will be doing a separate blog post because even though I’ve swatched them, I’ve yet to take any photo’s and I always want to show swatches. But a heads up these do have an amazing formula. Shade names Left to Right, Gold Coast, Bespoke, Bubblegum, Siren, Cashmere & Frost. Can’t wait to show you guys the swatches!

Overall I’m very impressed with this release, as always. They’ve released some incredible products recently, including Metallic Matte Lipkits. I’ve recently purchased one from Sleek (formula and shade sucked unfortunately), these blow Sleek out of the water, formula and shade wise. I highly recommend! They have also made their lipkits permanent so if you weren’t able to get your hands on the first lot, you can now.

Thanks so much for reading!


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