This Outfit Cost Me £4!

I sometimes pride myself on being such a good bargain hunter, I like to splurge every now and again but I do love finding some hidden gems for less, why pay more if you can get it for less anyway?

As you all know from my previous posts I’ve been banging on about Charity Shops recently (or thrift stores for you lovely Americans). I’m really struggling mentally since my mum died and for some reason going into these shops and knowing I’m giving back to charity (I shop at local ones, who helped looked after my mum and other local hospices and palliative care charities) has made me feel like I’m able to do a little something good out of the bad that’s happened because before my mum died I never shopped at charity shops, it’s definitely helped my soul a little bit (as stupid as that sounds).

AirBrush_20170622111647-01.jpegAnyway, this outfit cost me £4, everything from the charity shops! I have a few around me where every clothing/shoe item are £1/2 so it’s fairly easy to build up an outfit incredibly cheap. The items I’ve picked up were practically brand new, absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. Also guys, has my clothing photos gotten a little better? I roped my fella into helping!

So the shirt first off was originally from Tesco, F&F Clothing. I’d probably say this was originally £10-15 and the bottoms around £15-20, so I definitely grabbed a bargain! The shoes were £1, unfortunately didn’t grab a picture of those as id not painted my toenails but they’re a simple black strappy block sort of heel.

I’m 5ft and pairing the trousers and the shoes I actually look like a normal sized human! The thing I love most with charity shops is I’m able to pick stuff up that I like but wouldn’t normally wear/might not suit me and if they don’t it’s no big money loss and I can donate them back.

This is definitely not an outfit I would have worn but having the freedom without the stress of pissing money down a drain has given me more of a push to start playing around with clothes and enjoying fashion more (hence more fashion related posts recently).

I’ll try not to force it on you guys anymore but please start shopping at charity shops! Better on the purse and soul and you’re helping a great cause.

Would you like to see more bargain related fashion posts, I have a lot of outfits that I’ve put together for around the same price?(I picked up a Laura Ashley Coat for £2!) Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading !


23 thoughts on “This Outfit Cost Me £4!

  1. I love charity shopping, an amazing cause and such a good way to find unique pieces! Most of my fashion posts somehow have at least one charity shop item sneak in 🙈❤️ loved reading about your finds and would love to see more charity shop looks! Xx

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  2. I love vintage and charity shops. Besides the great deals and the eco-socio-friendly aspect, I like it because shopping becomes a treasure hunt. BTW your outfit is very nice and elegant. Love it.

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  3. You look gorgeous this outfit really suits you!! Fab photos too well done to Jay 😉 o always give my old clothes to charity but rarely shop there i must start! Like you said its no loss if you dont like it! Xxx

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  4. I loved this post! I also too love charity shops!! Nothing feels better than finding an incredible item of clothing, giving yourself something amazing, but also giving something back too!! Its the best way I find to do guilt free shopping !! ❤ x

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  5. This post was great I deffinetly need to start looking in charity shops more, I’m sorry about your mum I lost mine too so I know how hard it can be. My thoughts and prayers are with you xx

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