Makeup Revolution New Palette|Talc Free Formula|Review + Swatches

Well it’s that time again where Makeup Revolution have a new release out! This time they’ve released 7 new huge palettes called Pro HD Amplified with a new talc free formula. The one I will be reviewing for you guys is Dynamic.

To me talc has never been a huge deal being in eyeshadows so I was a bit scared of them changing their formula because you all know how much I love their shadows. I have to say it’s definitely worked better for the mattes but not some shimmers/metallic haven’t worked out too great. Before going into more detail lets have a look at the palette and swatches. They have many shade ranges available, neutrals, mattes, warm, cool palettes etc.

As you can see this palette has the neutral/purple shades. Luckily with having blue eyes, purple compliments my eyes so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! The last row of purple shades was calling to me straight away!

Screenshot_20170609-222750-01.jpeg There are far too many shades to swatch and I’m very limited to space because of tattoos so I swatched a bunch of random shades. The top 2 are from the last (vertical) row and as you can see they’re a little disappointing. The most vibrant matte purple shades comes out royal blue and the lilac shimmer isn’t really noticeable. I have to say though the mattes are bloody gorgeous in this palette and the options of what you can create from this one palette is incredible. This has been my go to since receiving it and I’m yet to get bored.

They all blend like a dream and I’ve had no fallout with any shades so far. There’s a couple of the Palettes I have my eye on so I will be buying a couple in the future! 

These are also considerably bigger than any palette they’ve done. Their pan sizes are huge compared to their Flawless Palettes (wish I’d done a comparison photo now).

These are available from Tam Beauty & Superdrug for £15.
Thanks so much for reading! 

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own*



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