What I’m Currently Loving!

Time has just gone far too quick and before I know it, I’ve missed April Favourites! So as we’re almost at the end of May I thought I would do ‘What I’m Currently Loving’ instead. Again, it’s been a hard month to pick from, I’ve been loving so many amazing products but these are the things I’ve been gravitating towards more than any other products.


It wouldn’t be a favourites from me without a liquid lipstick would it?! This month I’ve been loving 2 shades from Jeffree Star, Weirdo (Black) & I’m Royalty (Purple). I’d been looking for a drugstore black lipstick for ages but just decided to take the plunge with Jeffree as I knew I loved his formulas. Unfortunately the formula on this isn’t as great as his others, it’s a little sticky, wears off a little more easy and can be a tad streaky but all in all I bloody love it and I love how it looks. The other shade I’m Royalty is STUNNING. I’m obsessed and I’ll be needing a back up because I can’t get enough of it. Here are photos of how it looks on.


Screenshot_20170521-202859-01.jpegNext up is a new palette from Makeup Revolution, the Flawless 3 Resurrection palette. I can’t remember the last time I was so in love with a palette, it’s been my go to practically everyday. I’ve had to make a conscious effort to not use it when I do my makeup as I’ve been using nothing else but. If you see this in store, don’t be fooled by the shitty swatches, it applies amazingly to the eyes and the eye looks you can create for this are endless. This may have taken my number one spot over the New-Trals Vs Neutrals from Makeup Revolution!

Screenshot_20170521-180054-01It’s not often I’ll have a fragrance in my favourites but I’ve been loving this body spray and it’s so cheap! This is Kissing In The Rain from Body Fantasies, available at superdrug and it smells so bloody nice. These are £4 each but usually always on offer for £2 or less. This scent smells fresh but not too fruity or sweet (I’m shit at describing scents, sorry guys!). The reason I love these so much is the fact they have the lasting power and strong scent of perfume for such a low price and they have a nice variety of scents.

Screenshot_20170521-203140-01.jpeg  Another Makeup Revolution product for you next, Renaissance Glow. This includes a contour and highlight and they’re perfect! The contour shade is cool toned, absolutely perfect for contour and the highlight gives the most gorgeous natural glow, I just cant get enough. They blend beautifully and don’t highlight any texture on the skin. All in a gorgeous compact!

Screenshot_20170521-203213-01.jpeg Last up of the products are The Cushion Eyeliner from Essence. This is the reason I’ve been wearing winged liner so much! The formula for this is amazing, super jet black and just glides over the eyelid. The cushion makes sure you don’t overload your brush, which I do have a habit of doing with gel liner, so this has helped me cock up with my liner less. And it’s only £3!

Now onto a couple of random favourites!

Charity Shops

I’ve been loving visiting charity shops recently and it’s been a first for me buying clothes from there over the past month or so. When my mum died, I ended up having a lot of her clothes, for one because she had amazing taste and also so I could have constant reminders of her and I then realised there’s nothing wrong with wearing pre loved clothes! This led me going to the charity that helped take care of my mum towards the end and I wanted to give something back and ended up buying a few bits. I now find myself in there regularly knowing I’m giving to a good cause whilst getting a bargain. As well as that I’m not giving the fat cats at the top of companies my money, it’s going somewhere where it’s needed. Go and give it a go guys!

There’s a programme I’ve been absolutely obsessed with called Just The Tattoo Of Us. Where friends/couples go on there and design each other a tattoo. They can’t see it until it’s done and some I’ve seen have been so shocking (including a bloody tampon being pulled out by a hand tattooed on a girls inner thigh)! It’s hilarious to watch and with all the shit going off in real life it’s nice to watch something that’s light hearted and also I’m a little evil so find it funny when someone does a bad tattoo on their friend.

And that’s it guys! So sorry I’ve rambled on, I’ll be incredibly surprised if anybody reads all of this!

Thank you so much for reading if you did!


16 thoughts on “What I’m Currently Loving!

  1. You are rocking those JStar lipsticks! The MR eyeshadow and glow palette looks amazing! I think the glow palette looks like a dupe for the Charlotte Tillbury sculpt and glow. I wonder if it performs just as well as the CT version.

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