The Viral Black Peel Off Face Mask. It’s Expensive & Sucks.

I try not to get too sucked into hyped up products because I’m quite untrustworthy of reviews going around nowadays. The more I look for dishonesty the more I find, especially with sponsored content but lets save that for another blog post shall we!

As a popaholic, this face mask looked incredibly satisfying to use and boy do I need it. I’ve had an influx of blackheads on my chin that are so incredibly hard to shift that I thought this would be the perfect product, painful or not.


The face mask is called Caviar Black Peel Off Mask from a brand called Zero Skin. I purchased this from Beauty Bay for £25 and contains 100ml. This also contains actual Caviar Extract (I wouldn’t have purchased if I’d have actually looked into whether it was real caviar or not) so it’s not vegan or cruelty free. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores, boost skin clarity and of course remove dead skin cells and blackheads.

It’s crap. First of all, the tube is almost half empty! When you get a tube of toothpaste it’s full isn’t it? Not this! The first use took a pretty hard squeeze just to get a little out the tube like i’s used it at least a handful of times.

Second of all, it doesn’t work. I’ve used this on a few occasions and it literally pulls out next to nothing. Out of the whole face, I had one or 2 blackheads that we’re visibly pulled. I’ve had better results using porestrips from the poundshop and shoving them all over my face than this. I really don’t recommend at all. The only positive is there’s not a lot of pain. As long as you keep it away from your peach fuzz and eyebrows, you’re all good. Can be a little sensitive under the eyes/on the cheeks but nothing major.

Overall save your cash, don’t buy into the hype. I went on their Instagram afterwards and couldn’t find a single comment/review of someone who’s actually tried it. Most of the pictures looked like Ad’s to me (the Influencer posting with the product on their face and in their hands). Don’t always be influenced by social media!

Thanks so much for reading!





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