If you’re coming here for super trendy, fashion blogger style photos I would definitely click away because you’re really not going to get that! If you read my last OOTD Post (Outfit Of The Day & Makeup Of The Day), you’ll know I’m completely stuck in Autumn mode this year. No matter how much I try I just love the cosiness and look of Autumn wear, even in Summer! I don’t do all the fancy accessories, I wear the same necklace everyday and the same rings (everything means too much to me personally to take off, no matter if it goes with my clothes or not) so accessories to me really aren’t a thing haha.

With the weather in England right now, I really do think this outfit is totally acceptable. I went out like this and was actually cold (not complaining though!). I do think though, change the boots and cardigan and it could possibly pass as summerish? Starting off with the skirt (which btw I haven’t worn a skirt in like 15+ years!), this is from Primark. The shoes are from Tesco and the Jumper is from Papaya. Seen as there Autumn/Winter wear they’re probably not available anymore, which thinking about it, I suppose this blog post is completely useless to anyone. Lets get into the makeup? At least you can actually buy those things if you like the look of them (I’d never ever make it as a fashion blogger haha).

BC20170513_123858.jpgI went simple today, I planned the look around the lip, Scorpio from Jeffree Star. This is a very cool toned lip & although I do like wearing it with warm eyes sometimes, it obviously suits neutral or cool better.

I used Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte palette on the lids, with a tiny touch of purple to help the lips and eyes go together. The liner is Essence Cushion Liner (which is bloody incredible and costs only £3!). I am wearing lashes by Eylure but they’re limited edition and you can barley tell I’ve got them on! I used Sleek Solstice Palette for the inner corner. I have used highlight but never ever shows up on photos because I prefer a natural glow and the camera rarely picks it up, but I did use the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Sculpt palette, I used that for contour too (also a huge recommendation , it’s brilliant!).

And that’s pretty much it guys!

Thanks so much for reading!


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