Why I’m happy I Ruined My Hair & The Miracle Products That Will Repair Any Hair (They’re also crazily cheap!)

About a month ago or so I thought it was a good idea to bleach my hair 3 times in 3 days. I didn’t plan on doing it so quick but I had a job interview so was in a rush to get it fixed (I didn’t, I ended up with blonde/ginger/blue/pink/grey damaged hair, but still got the job!). It did some insane damage to my poor hair and I ended up loosing half through damage.

Safe to say I spat the dummy out big time, cried, obsessed and regretted everything I did. Well now my hair is back on track health wise, the dummy is back in and I’m through the other side and really starting to enjoy my length. In fact I think I prefer it! Now, I’m not saying I’m going to keep it cut to this length just yet, I’m going to let it grow for now, but I really do think my hair suits me better shorter. What do you all think?

Should I let it grow again?

Now, I’ve bleached my hair before and damaged it, usually within a few days of it being stringy it would go back to normal by itself. Because my hair was so long and thick I (stupidly) thought that my hair could take the damage but a month later and it’s only just repairing. My hair was frazzled, stringy when wet, I could barley touch it when wet without it breaking. But it’s like normal hair now (definitely on the dry side though).

Thanks to these babies!

Here we have a shampoo, conditioner & serum by the brand Syoss. I purchased these from Tesco as they claim to make millions of new bonds per use. I got recommended Olaplex but it’s knocking on £30 which is quite pricey for me, especially as it might not work. So with these being called SalonPlex and claims I wanted to gibe these a shot before leaping into high end.

I’m so glad I gave these a shot, they’ve rescued my hair. They’re not a one use miracle sort of product though, I’ve noticed amazing results over the week or so I’ve been using them. The serum is doing wonders too, you only use it 1 or twice a week and only need a tiny amount. I made the mistake of dousing my hair in it and it was too much for my hair and made it worse.

The price? £3 a bottle! It’s an absolute bargain, I’d happily pay a tenner a bottle for this stuff! The serum is £7 a bottle but I was lucky enough to grab 3 for £10 (the offer might still be on). I’m not sure if the serum is a necessity as I’ve never not used it but I would recommend all 3 together. I seriously considered shaving my head before using these, I can’t get over what they’ve done for my hair.

Thanks so much for reading!



7 thoughts on “Why I’m happy I Ruined My Hair & The Miracle Products That Will Repair Any Hair (They’re also crazily cheap!)

  1. I do like it short but think I would try and grow it out cause I love it long too! I just lighten my hair with box highlights because my hair isn’t too dark naturally! Try the it’s a ten hair mask! It’s amazing.


  2. I’m about to give a try to Olaplex since my hair is literally DEAD for dying it too much. I think these are sold by Amazon, so I will definitely consider them in case Olaplex doesn’t work. Thanks for this well done review!

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  3. I’ve just gone through a similar situation with just loosing a lot of length thanks to dying it blue and it ending up green. Should have lasted 5-10 washes, and was cut out of my hair at over 40 ☹️
    I haven’t heard of these but I’m now going to tesco tomorrow to see what I can find, I tried the Schwarzkopf omegaplex formula as I was also reluctant to get olaplex, but was about to cave so will give theses a go first!
    Also your hair does really suit you and well done on the new job!

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    1. Oh darlin, that’s so Sucky isn’t it. I definitely don’t trust those semi permanent dyes. Makes me laugh, as soon as you want the colour permanently they wash out super quick, when you don’t you can get rid! Let me know how you get on with the products if you get them darlin, fingers crossed they do! And thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

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