Outfit Of The Day & Makeup Of The Day

I haven’t done an outfit of the day post since Autumn last year! Well, that was my only OOTD post too! So I’m thinking about doing them regularly (I’m no fashion blogger by any means, I know this), what do you guys think?

Anyway, I didn’t realise until I took photos for this post how Autumnal I am/look. You all know how much I hate summer and putting this together I thought was quite summery (I think its because I wasn’t just in leggings and a cozy jumper I thought that) and well suited for this time of year. I was wrong haha. I thought it would be cool to post the makeup I wore with this outfit too.

The other day me and the fella popped into the charity shops (I usually go in there to look for unique blog accessory type things) but decided to have a look around at clothes. I come across this dress which is originally from New Look and was £4 and looked brand new so I snatched it up! The boots were also from there, which were actually brand new, never been worn for £9, originally from Boohoo. I like to think of them as girly Dr Martens. I also purchased a new bag from Primark not too long ago, which again (unintentionally) fits into the Autumn theme I have going on here. The cardigan was my mums (she had great fashion sense!) and was from Primark.

Now onto the makeup!

I used the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 palette for eyeshadow. I’ve been in love with this palette and have used it almost every day since receiving it! I used Sleek Solstice palette for the inner corner. The lashes are Eylure Enchated, Queen Of The Night (not actually sure on which one is the name, the box confused me). The lipstick is Primarks Liquid Lip. Brows are BarryM Get Shapey Brow & Shadow palette.


And that’s it guys! Only wanted this to be a quick post as I suck at photos like this (although give me credit, I did take the full body shots by myself with a small 5 year old child and dog in the room?) Maybe I should just stick to makeup? 😉

Thanks so much for reading! Do you like Charity shops at all? Let me know!


21 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day & Makeup Of The Day

  1. Love this outfit and considering how cold it’s been recently, I don’t blame you for reaching for autumnal coloured clothes. You look gorgeous and should def do more posts like this, I always find charity shops a little overwhelming but do pop in for books and games etc. Never really browse clothes or shoes but I will next time!
    Vicky x


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