Contouring With Blush?! Spring/Summer Releases From Essence


Essence are a brand I’ve used for a while now, their £3 mascara being my holy grail (it’s the pink lash princess if you’re wondering) and they’re now releasing a whole bunch of new affordable products and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try out a few bits! These are all available online at Wilko or in store.


Starting off with one that I was super surprised at is Blushplay Sculpting Blush palette in the shade 10 Play It Peach which retails for £4 and is available in 2 shades. It has 3 shades in, Highlight, Sculpt and Define or you could mix and max to create your own blush shade. I never expected blush contour to look good but I was literally blown away by how good it looked, I’d highly recommend giving it a go! The shades are nicely pigmented and blend beautifully. I’m not blown away with the highlight though, it looks light in the packaging but it shows on the skin as a shimmery peach/ pink and using all 3 together is just too much pink. If they’d have kept it a champagne shade, it would be perfect.


Next up is my favourite out of all their new releases The Cushion Eyeliner in the shade 01 Black and costs just £3. I never really bought into the cushion craze but I absolutely love this! This is a true black and does not budge at all. My eyes are stupidly watery and if it put black liner in my upper waterline it transfers to my lower, every. single. time. With this I haven’t had that problem, which is a huge first for me. This does dry quick and when applying over the top can feel a bit funny but it does layer fine. This will definitely be a repurchase for me and for £3 it’s an absolute bargain.

Screenshot_20170426-142726-01.jpegNow onto one of my least favourites. The Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension Mascara with Lengthening Fibres which retails for £3. I really had my hopes high for this after loving their Pink Lash Princess mascara but I wasn’t happy with this at all. I do absolutely love the volume and length you can create with this mascara but it smudges on me and the formula is really thick. I was applying falsies the other day with this mascara on underneath (I was struggling a little, I suck at falsies) and after I’d done all my eyelashes on the lower lashline were all clumped together and stuck. Baring in mind I had put my mascara on, then carried on with my makeup, contour, highlight, lipstick etc and it was still wet and thick. If you’re going to get a mascara get the one I recommended, it’s amazing. They also have a new Lash Princess out, Sculpted and A Volume Stylist & Curl.



The last makeup products I have are the Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss which retail for £2. You all know how much I hate lip glosses but putting that aside these aren’t bad at all!

I got the shades Red Carpet Starlet (Red) & Runway, Your Way (Purple). These have good pigment to them and they’re not remotely sticky, they feel creamy on the lips. My only issue is they’re streaky. It was very hard for me to spread the gloss evenly for the photos. Now, I’m not too sure whether these are meant to be worn alone or not but they are perfect over lipstick, the patchiness isn’t an issue then. For £2 you lipgloss lovers can’t go wrong! They have 13 shades available.

Screenshot_20170426-142814-01.jpegThe last product I have to show you is a nail polish. This is their Colour Boost in the shade Instant Match. I haven’t had chance to swatch this yet so I’ll be doing a separate blog post about it as it claims to be a one coater so I’m excited to try it out! They have 10 shades available.

They have also released customizable palettes, empty palettes retail for £1.50 to fit 4 or £2 to fit 8 (isn’t that a crazy good price?!). They have 32 individuals that you can buy, 20 eyeshadows, 5 blushers, 3 lip powders, a lip base for the powders, a highlight, a bronzer and a fixing powder. I’m super curious about the lip powders so I might have to pick some up!

Thanks so much for reading guys!


*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


7 thoughts on “Contouring With Blush?! Spring/Summer Releases From Essence

  1. Love popping into Wilko and having a browse of their products. I actually picked up one of those glosses in a nude shade to match one of my Barry M matte liquid lipsticks. I love being able to quickly apply it (without a mirror) if I feel my lips are getting a little patchy and I can’t get to a bathroom to reapply.

    The cushion liner sounds incredible, will def be trying that out.

    Vicky x

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