The Brand I Judged Before Trying Any Products.

I’m trying to figure out a way to write this post without coming across like a judgemental bitch and realised I can’t because I am. Morphe has had a lot of controversy surrounding the brand, down to quality and repackaging shadows from China. Also, with Youtubers constantly pushing codes and their products, I was really put off using them. I’d already decided I was never going to purchase their products. I had read mixed reviews but my narrow little mind put the good reviews down to the fact that their favourite Youtubers probably loved them so the products had to be good.


My lovely friend Raych (IG Here, follow her, she’s such a sweetheart) kindly gifted me a Morphe 350S palette and was excited to finally try the brand I had such a bad view on. Boy was I wrong.

Repackaged or not, the quality of these shadows is incredible, I don’t own a palette as pigmented as this, high end or drugstore. I have one that comes close but not every shadow is spot on unlike this palette. Here are some random finger swatches from the palette (look at the orange!)

Next pictures are brush swatches using a Blank Canvas E24 .

I have to say I was wrong (so far) with my thoughts on this brand. I have only tried one palette so the rest could be shit for all I know, but so far I will say my judgement was wrong. They feel creamy, don’t crease on me, some of the darker shades do have a little fall out but nothing major. I might purchase a few more palettes so I can make a proper judgement but so far I’m impressed and have learnt my lesson to judge before I’ve even tried.

Thanks so much for reading!



22 thoughts on “The Brand I Judged Before Trying Any Products.

  1. Great post! I was a bit unsure of this brand but I saw how much youtubers loved it. I decided to give it a try and considering they are so affordable, I just couldnt resist. I bought the 35F and the e27 brush and WOW! I will definitely be purchasing more!!!

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      1. I am in love with the brush. It blends my eye makeup like a dream and it is sooo soft! Check them out!


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  3. Those swatches are incredible! I felt the same about YouTubers constantly pushing codes and their brushes etc so I overlooked them. My friend has a few of their palettes though and they are amazing! I love them so much xxx

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  4. I was wrong about Morphe too! My friend from theatre has me use all of her Morphe products for the shows and I always look forward to it because they swatch sooo beautifully. I have yet to order a palette for myself but will definitely be doing so!

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  5. I’m still yet to try Morphe, I’ve been a bit like you in the past and kind of over it because of the constant pushing from youtubers, I’ve also heard they leave negative reviews on competitive products and mention that theirs are better in the review, a bit shady!
    The shadows do look amazing, and I don’t have a huge problem with Private labelling – if anything at least they are low cost products, my Violet Voss palette is one of my favourites and is triple the price of a Morphe Palette – so at least they’re a bit cheaper!


  6. I have the 35f and 35b palettes. I am in love with the 35f palette, it is creamy and pigmented and beautiful. The 35b palette is less than desirable. It is dry and patchy. So, yeah I am still mixed on Morphe lol. I would definitely try more, though.

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