The Hair Products That Helped Rescue My Hair. 

I just want to start off by thanking every one of you for the support and kind words you’ve given me after my last post. You’ve no idea how much every single comment meant to me. 

After bleaching the crap out of my hair, I’ve been trying anything and everything to help fix it before I end up with an involuntary bob. 

These came at just the right time and boy, have they helped. These are from the brand Hempz, I have reviewed a body lotion from these guys and I was obsessed. This brand has the most incredible scents!

 These are the Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry Creme shampoo & conditioner which help preserve colour. These contain natural hemp seed oil and have worked miracles on my hair. These smell insane, I can’t even begin to describe how fruity and fresh the scent is. Even my fella is a big fan and we’ll be repurchasing, I’ve not used any other shampoo and conditioner since receiving these. In fact, I shouldn’t admit to this but the tubes in these photos are almost empty, I managed to plump them up without causing crinkles (which I was very proud of!). 

These leave my hair feeling incredibly soft, like I’ve just had a hair mask on for hours. My hair was in the stringy when wet phase and these helped pull my hair through to the other side and I can now comfortably run my fingers through the ends of my hair. 

I can’t wait to get some more products from Hempz, the smell alone is enough to make it want to try more! 
Thanks so much for reading! 


11 thoughts on “The Hair Products That Helped Rescue My Hair. 

  1. Very great post! Hempz was also a brand that helped save my hair. I used to have the driest and frizziest hair in the world. I started using their volumizing shampoo and conditioner and it seriously helped my hair! A very great brand!

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      1. There’s a link to their site on my post and they say their stockists. If you’re from the UK I’m not too sure of their official stockists if you’re from the US I think they’re sold at Ulta. I didn’t get any info in the pr

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