Makeup Revolution Have Stepped Up Their Packaging Game! New Renaissance Palettes.

First off, I just want to apologise for not posting regular and not replying to comments (I will, I promise). Unfortunately my mum passed away yesterday and I was spending all the time possible being with her beforehand. I’ve tried to be a little active on Instagram for a little bit of normality, applying my makeup has been my escape over the past few weeks, as sad as that sounds haha. If I miss any info out of the blog post, my apologies as my head is everywhere, if there’s something I’ve missed and you want to know, just ask in the comments.

So with that out the way, Makeup Revolution have come out with some new incredible releases! They’ve got the most beautiful packaging, I genuinely couldn’t believe it’s from such a low cost budget brand. They’ve also released a new Flawless palette & a new makeup spray for their sister brand I Heart Makeup.

These palettes all retail for £8 and are available on Tam Beauty, Superdrug, not sure about In Store yet though!

First off lets talk about the packaging! Aren’t they bloody stunning, like cute mini clutches! They’re definitely Instagram perfect products and I’m obsessed and they’ll look gorgeous on a vanity. They do have a little downside though. The top half is too heavy and lifts the bottom (I had to sellotape these guys down for photos), whilst it’s lovely having a big mirror, it’s a bit of pain that it wont lay down properly.

Lets get on with if the product matches the packaging!


We’ll start off with the Renaissance Palette Day. There is 1 shimmer and 4 mattes, pretty standard neutral palette. I decided not to swatch these as they swatch terribly. When I very first swatched them I thought these palettes were a complete fail. They seemed chalky with no pigment but on the eyes it’s completely different. They’re very nicely pigmented and blend like and absolute dream with no fallout. I was genuinely shocked they worked as well as they did. The brush I tried to use but failed at, so I don’t recommend using that but it is nice they included a brush instead of a sponge applicator.

Screenshot_20170414-191333-01.jpegNext up we have the Renaissance Night Palette. This has 1 matte and 4 shimmers. These swatched a little better but still weren’t up to their usual standard but again performed really well on the eyes. These shadows I use without a primer (I don’t use a primer with any shadows anyway), they didn’t crease on me and lasted all day. Weren’t muddy and again got no fallout with either palette.

Screenshot_20170414-191131-01.jpeg Now onto my favourite out of the new releases, Renaissance Glow. This contains a powder highlight and contour. The contour is the perfect grey/cool toned shade for contour (makeup revolution really know a good contour shade!), blends easily, is quite pigmented but not too much so it doesn’t pile it on in one go.

The highlight though is bloody stunning! It gives a incredibly gorgeous glow to the face but somehow making it look natural. I haven’t stopped using it. It doesn’t show texture on the face, just a gorgeous luminous glow. If you’re only going to pick up one palette, make sure it’s this. You will not regret it.

Screenshot_20170408-130427-01.jpegLast up out of the palettes is the new Flawless 3 Resurrection. I’m in love. Again, a lot of shades don’t swatch overly impressive (the bottom row swatch incredibly) but they apply beautifully on the eyes. For my personal preference they’ve got the shades spot on in this palette, the pinks and burnt oranges are bloody gorgeous. There’s endless amounts of looks you can create from this palette and I’m excited to play around with it a lot more.


Last up from I Heart Makeup is their new Fixing Spray. Says what it does! Makes my makeup stay all day, keeps it from getting cakey and gives it a nice little refresh during the day. The one thing I love about this, if I’m having a bad skin/makeup day and my foundation applies rubbish a few sprays of this definitely makes the texture of the foundation look better. I ended up applying 3 layers this morning (my makeup was a pain haha) and after a few sprays, took away the heaviness look (does that even make sense?!). For a fiver, it’s definitely worth checking out.

That’s it for now guys! I have purchased a few of their new & improved lip kits and will be blogging about them very soon. In the mean time I am a little behind with posts for companies so if all I’m posting are reviews then I’m sorry, I promise I’ll get some content out (like top 5 etc).

Thanks all so much for sticking around!


*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are my own*


35 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Have Stepped Up Their Packaging Game! New Renaissance Palettes.

  1. That’s so sad hearing about your mam! I just thought I’d drop a comment here because it’s not nice reading something like that, and then not saying something when I have the ability to! I hope you’re doing okay!! I think it’s brave that you’re keeping up blogging, hopefully it’s a good distraction! X

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  2. So sorry for your loss 😦 I hope you will be able to be strong. Sending prayers to you and your family ❤
    I have always wanted to try this brand but I was always very skeptical because of the price haha! It looks very beautiful and luxurious though!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve not long lost my dad to cancer it’s been just over a month, it’s so hard keeping up with a normal routine when everything seems to be falling apart around you. But your doing so well with your blog it shows amazing strength I truly am sorry for your loss I know how you feel right now. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, I hope you’re doing okay ❤️ thinking about you! I also lost my mum to cancer, it’s terrible isn’t it ❤️ always here if you need to talk ❤️ sending lots of hugs xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Time slowly heals things, but keeping memories of them alive by talking about them does help, cancer is just horrible, I’m here for you too 💕 sending love your way to you and your family xxx


  4. I’m so sorry to read that your mother passed away recently, I can only imagine how you and your family are feeling; my thoughts and prayers are with you all xxxx

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  5. So so sorry to hear about your news. As a community, we are all here for you and whatever you need. You seem like you’re being really strong and honestly sometimes just doing ‘normal’ things helps a lot! Like your makeup and blogging etc. You work so hard and that truly shows in times like this. Sending my love to you and your family!
    On a completely different note, the packaging of the makeup revolution palettes is dreamy! Thank you for mentioning them xx

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  6. These are so pretty, I love the packaging but am not sure about the last palette. I find ones with too many shades a little overwhelming. That said it contains lots of gorgeous colours.
    Vicky x

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  7. So sorry to hear about your mum! It’s amazing your back to blogging already and I know it helps to think about something else for a while but don’t feel obliged to provide us with content at this time – I’m sure everyone will understand if you need to take a break xxx

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  9. I’m so sorry for your loss, sending lots of virtual love and hugs, my thoughts are with you and your family gorgeous ❤ ❤
    Amazing post, the photos are STUNNING (as helped by the gorgeous palettes!) ❤

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  10. I’m very sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family! I appreciate the hard work you put into your blog. Even when times are hard you make time for your blog and that is so important! you deserve all the success in the world 🙂

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