The Monthly Edit | March

This year is going by scarily fast isn’t it? It’s funny because I usually spend all year wishing it away until Autumn and it never goes quick enough  but this year I’ve wanted every minute to last an hour and it’s flown by. Typical eh! Anyway, March has been a good month for new products, I have to admit this was one of the hardest months to choose in a while, I’ve loved so much! Rambling over, lets crack on.

Lottie London Slay All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick #TBT £5.95

bc20170215_141623-01My obsession with matte liquid lipsticks continue and the one I’ve been loving the most this month (only just, I’ve loved loads!) is Lottie London Matte Liquid Lipstick in #TBT. The formula on these are great, I’m eyeing up more shades to get (I only have 3 sadly). This is a cool toned greyish pink? I’m not too sure how to describe this shade but it goes perfectly with any makeup look. If I’m unsure what to wear, I shove this on, it’s perfect! Available here or in store/online in Superdrug.

BarryM Molten Metals in Holographic Lights £3.99

Screenshot_20170321-201616-01 Next up is BarryM Holographic Lights, it’s such a stunner isn’t it! I’ve been wearing this on my nails non stop and I just can’t get enough! I know it’s just another normal holographic polish but I’m so happy a drugstore brand has now released an easily available holo polish! Available here or online/in store in Superdrug (or Boots on the 12th of April).

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Palette One £29.97

I’ve been really going all out with my makeup this month, different eye looks, winged liner the lot. I know this isn’t necessarily a lot to some people but until recently I use a cream shadow stick, whack it on and finish with mascara. This baby has been one of the reasons why I’ve played around so much, the colours are stunning, the pigmentation is incredible and they blend beautifully. If you’re looking for a good neutral palette, this one is spot on. You can purchase here.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum 150ml £16.96

Screenshot_20170408-213403-01.jpegAfter destroying my hair a week or so ago, I’ve been trying everything and anything on my hair just so that I could put a brush through it without ripping half of it out. No matter what I did, whenever I dried my hair it felt like utter shit. Until I used this little beauty here. I pop a ton on (you’re meant to only use a few pumps for your whole head, I’m currently using 2 per section of hair, it’s so dry, it needs the oil) and my hair actually feels soft, I’m able to run my fingers through it and it adds a little shine too. Keeps frizz to a minimum. Definitely worth the high price tag. You can purchase here.

BarryM Get Shapey Brow & Eyeshadow Palette £6.49

I honestly thought that nothing would ever take over my Kiko Hi-Expert Brow Kit but it has! The new release from BarryM, Get Shapey. This palette includes a wax, matte highlight, two brow colours and 4 eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are good but the little gems in this palette are the brow pans. These are incredibly pigmented, a little definitely goes a long way. The shadows spread/blend easily over and through the brow hairs and also don’t budge if applied to the skin. At over half the price of the Kiko palette, this is an absolute bargain! Purchase here.

And that’s it for now guys! Sorry I’ve not been posting regular or getting back to people, you’ll all know the reason why if you’ve been keeping up. Thanks for all the patience and support!

Thank you for reading!



6 thoughts on “The Monthly Edit | March

  1. Love this post, it’s always great to read which products you love the most. I’m glad you’ve found something to add a bit of moisture back into your hair. From the pics you post to IG, it always looks amazing!
    Vicky x


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