New Releases From Makeup Revolution | Chrome Highlighters?!| Including Swatches

It didn’t seem like 2 minutes ago that Makeup Revolution released their gorgeous Skin Kiss Highlighters. They’ve been the company that everybody has been talking about right now for good or bad reasons, they’ve definitely had some incredible publicity!

I just want to apologise for not posting recently, if you’ve been following me on my InstaStories you’ll know I’ve had drama with my hair and I’ve ruined it. That’s literally been taking over my life recently, after numerous bleaches, dyes & toners I’ve gone back red and trying to get it healthy again. It’s currently in the ‘stringy when wet’ stage. Ugh.

Anyway, this time round, they’ve released a Camouflage Conceal Palette, Ultra Contour Stick, A Metallic/Duo Chrome Lip Liner and a Ultra Chroming Stick. Unfortunately, there’s a few products here I don’t like but one that I can’t get enough of! Lets get into the reviews.

Screenshot_20170320-191227-01First we have their Pro HD Camouflage Conceal Kit in Light Medium. I didn’t hate this one but I also didn’t love it. For starters, I could only use one shade as the rest of the shades are far too dark for me to do anything with. The darkest I’ve tried as contour but it’s far too orange for me to use. It’s quite a thin consistency but full coverage which I like. Not too drying either and didn’t settle into my creases. I might pick up the Light palette to give this a fair review. This palette is £8, comes in light, light medium & medium dark. Available Here

Screenshot_20170320-192700-01.jpegNext up are the Ultra Contour Stick & Ultra Chroming Stick. I’ll start with the Chroming Stick.

The swatches seriously don’t do this product justice, these are some of the most beautiful highlights! It’s a double ended stick with 2 cream highlights, one a white/yellow gold duo chrome and the other a white/pink duo chrome. They’re so smooth, apply and blend like an absolute dream and don’t highlight texture on the face. I’ve always said I’m not one for a crazy highlight but these have changed my mind. If you get the chance to swatch them, please do, I promise you’ll love them! They’re only £5 which is an absolute bargain, the formula and shades are absolutely spot on. Available Here

The next duo stick is their Contour. This contains a cream highlight and contour. Mine is in Light Medium again, which for highlight is too dark. The contour is okay, it’s not the easiest to blend out (I own Freedom Makeup double sided contour stick and that’s perfection for £5, which is Makeup Revolutions sister company) but also not the worst but the shade for me personally was a little too orange for contour. It’s lovely for a cream bronzer or to add a bit of depth to the face. Again, I’d like to pick up light to give it a fair review. These are £5 available here.

Last up we have a metallic lip liner in Worth It. I believe this comes with the Metallic Lip Kit in Worth it but I’m not too sure if it’s available by itself or not as I couldn’t find it separately. I’ve always been a fan of Makeup Revolutions Lip Liners, they’re nice a creamy and apply beautifully and this one is no different. I don’t feel like the shade is flattering on my skin tone though, it’s a purple/brown which is absolutely stunning but don’t feel like I can carry the lip liner by itself. Maybe if I was to get the Lip Kit and try it out but I’m not too sure how I feel metallics would look on me. Gorgeous shade and formula just a shame it doesn’t suit me!

Thanks so much for reading guys, make sure you check out the Ultra Chroming Stick!

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are my own*


4 thoughts on “New Releases From Makeup Revolution | Chrome Highlighters?!| Including Swatches

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve had hair issues. I feared when you first showed you were going to bleach it, that there may be problems. My sister did the same recently and hers is now snapping off and really struggling. I honestly think if you’re dark and going light, that paying a professional really does pay. However hindsight is always 50:50. I actually really love the red on you, it’s such a nice shade and I’m sure you’ll have your old, gorgeous shiny and healthy hair back again soon.
    It’s also nice to see some MUR on your blog, esp after all the drama 🙂 I still can’t believe how that all played out!
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I regret it so much! I’ve gone from dark brown to blonde before but used pre lightener and it caused no damage, wish I’d not touched bleach. It’s actually not red anymore either! I’d faded so quick that I’ve just gone brown haha. It’s actually feeling a lot better, feels more like what my hair did before I bleached it, so fingers crossed it’s getting there. And I know, they’ve definitely had their fair share of drama! Although I have a feeling it worked in their favour haha. Thanks so much darlin!


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