Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters | Review & Swatches

Screenshot_20170314-212431-01Makeup Revolution are on a roll with new releases right now! Ignoring all the drama surrounding the brand at the moment, I want to crack on with their new highlights called Skin Kiss. They’ve released 4, 3 powder and 1 cream, each weighing 14g with the exception of the cream which is 11.5g all priced at £5 each.

The highlighting trend is still on a roll this year with new highlighters coming out what seems like everyday! I’ve been testing these out for a good week or 2 now and wanted to share my thoughts. Before getting into the swatches, if you’re wanting a blinding highlight, I don’t think these are for you. Whilst they’re glittery and reflective, you won’t be seen from outer space so just bare that in mind! All swatches have a brush swatch on top and a finger swatch underneath.



Starting with the packaging. From the box to the product itself, is absolutely gorgeous. They’re plastic but sturdy and of course keeping on trend with being rose gold. There’s a huge mirror inside too which is very handy. These are huge pans, some might not like the fact that they’re so big, not too handbag friendly but the mirror would be perfect for travel as it’s a really good size.

Now onto the swatches, starting with Ice Kiss. This is the lightest shade, not completely white, it has a slight yellow tone to it.

Next we have Golden Kiss. This is my next favourite but slightly too golden for me to pull off unfortunately!

Next is Peach Kiss. As stunning as this is I’m far too pale to wear this.

The formula for the powders are lovely, they blend well and give a nice glow to the cheeks. Although slightly too glittery when the sun hits my cheeks for my liking, I do think a lot of people will like these. They can be built up easily for more intensity but these are really more of a ‘natural’ glow.

Last up we have the cream highlight in Bronze Kiss. I thought this looked gorgeous but unfortunately ended up being my least favourite. This doesn’t have a lot of pigment and you can only tell you’re wearing it in the sun (my swatch photo was taken in sunlight). My photo didn’t quite pick up the glitter in this but there is a lot. It took a lot of product applied to get any colour to show up in the photo. I’d definitely give this one a miss.

Overall, I do really like these, my favourite being Ice Kiss. But like I said in the beginning, these won’t give an overly blinding glow and even when built up I think there would be far too much glitter (unless you love that sort of thing of course) and would look a little odd.

These are available now online from Tam Beauty for just £5 each.

I’ve got some more new releases from Makeup Revolution which I cannot wait to share with you, you’ll love them! So keep your eyes out for the post!

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own*


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