Sebamed Night Intensive Cream | Cream

Screenshot_20170320-190818-01Sebamed is a brand I’ve recently reviewed (link here) and I absolutely loved the products I tried out. I was then lucky enough to receive their Anti Dry Night Intensive Cream and had high hopes after how the other products performed.

Well I have to say they lived up to my expectation! This cream is bloody amazing for dry skin! I do think it would be too heavy for oily, I really would only use this if you have normal, dry or very dry skin.

I have to say though, it has an odd texture! When putting your finger in the tub, it feels so soft and light but when applying to the face suddenly turns quite thick and heavy. I mean that’s nothing bad because I love a heavy cream, it makes me feel like my skin is soaking it all up.

This does leave your face a little sticky so I would advise to use it about half an hour before bed whereas right before so your hair doesn’t get stuck to your face. My skin feels absolutely incredible in the morning, so soft and completely hydrated. My makeup applies so much better too. When using my usual night cream, I have to wake up and apply moisturiser then reapply before makeup. There’s no need for the moisturiser first thing in a morning when I use this.

It’s available online here for just £10.29 for 50ml and they also do a Day & Night Cream together for £20.58 (which I’m definitely going to purchase, I bet their day cream is amazing!).

Hope this helps any dry skinned ladies out there, I know the struggle of keeping it at bay!

Thanks so much for reading!

* contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own*


7 thoughts on “Sebamed Night Intensive Cream | Cream

    1. I was sent that but couldn’t use it because it was for oily skin and would dry mine out. My fella uses it and swears by it. I have seen other good reviews on this product so maybe if you do give anything a go, this could be it? Thanks so much for reading!

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