£1 Makeup Must Haves From Miss Beauty

I love exploring budget beauty, makeup companies regardless of price are really stepping up their game when it comes to makeup and Miss Beauty is one of those brands. This brand is available from Poundworld and they have a really good range! I’ve already tried quite a few bits from their brand and have been impressed so far. They’ve recently launched a few new bits and was lucky enough to get to try some.

Screenshot_20170319-083005-01The first product is a face primer called Perfect Base and their highlighter the Illuminating Wand. The was so excited to see what their like as I’ve never tried such a cheap face primer and cream highlight before. So, are they any good?


This is my favourite product out of the whole brand, I bloody love it. This makes skin so smooth for foundation application, has a matte finish but doesn’t dry out my skin. I love my skin looking glowy because my skin is so dry but I can also get oily in my t-zone because of the moisturiser and oil I use before foundation. This gives me the perfect amount of matte without my skin looking dehydrated. Makes the foundation apply beautifully and lasts all day. Can’t believe this is only £1, it’s by far one of my favourite primers I own.

Next up, the Illuminating Wand. This is a pink/white toned cream highlight with a doefoot applicator. I don’t think this will be everybody’s cup of tea. As I’ve mentioned before I love a natural glow, I’m really not a huge fan of a blinding glow and this gives the perfect ‘inner glow’ look. It looks so stunning when it’s applied and can easily be layered if you’re looking for more of a pop. If you’re into the same glow as me, this is perfect for you.

I definitely will be buying more of their new releases as I’m super super impressed with these and have used them on a daily basis since receiving them.

Would you guys try £1 makeup?

Thanks so much for reading!

*contains gifted or pr samples but all opinions are definitely my own*


14 thoughts on “£1 Makeup Must Haves From Miss Beauty

    1. I love Essence! And I have darlin, their liquid eyeliner is my holy grail, I’ve yet to find any that beat it! I do enjoy quite a few products from their range but they also can be hit and miss. Their Matte Lip creams are an exact Dupe for the NYX ones, they’ve got quite a few gems in that range! Xxx

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  2. I love the look of the wand. As much as I don’t really go for mega highlights either, when I do dance comps I go mega so that looks ideal for a brow highlight! Great review and yes I’d try £1 makeup…in fact as much as I use a lot of high end products, I find a lot of the £1 nail polishes last longer! x

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    1. Yeah that would make a gorgeous brow highlight! They’re all definitely worth a shot for the price, I’ve found some amazing little gems from budget brands! And yes, cheap Polishes can definitely be great, Primark ones are amazing! Xx

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