Blank Canvas Cosmetics | Review & Swatches

Is there any such thing as having too many makeup brushes? Nope. Although washing them is an absolute pain, makeup brushes are always something that gets used on a daily basis and it’s always cash well spent (only if they’re good quality, obviously).

This is where Blank Canvas Cosmetics come in, today I will be reviewing their My Face & Eye Professional 12 Piece Set With Brush Holder set. A quick spoiler, I bloody love them!

This set contains 5 face brushes, 7 eye brushes and a brush holder. This retails for £87.75 but currently on offer for £70.20 online here. This might seem a little pricy it does work out at just under £6 a brush, which is a great price! My biggest downfall for these though is the fact some brushes are made from animal hair, which for me is a big no no. They do however do a Vegan friendly set here which I do love they take people against fur for brushes into consideration. Putting that aside I do love the set, they have some gorgeous brushes and I love getting a mix of different handles and brush heads! My favourite brushes from this set are F25, the larger powder brush, it’s so incredibly soft it applies bronzer beautifully! The E28 Ultra Fine liner is perfection for gel liner, the teeny tiny brush makes for fool proof application.

I was also lucky enough to receive some beauty sponges and an eyeshadow palette. The beauty sponges are incredible! They double in size when wet and are so soft and squishy that they apply the foundation flawlessly. Highly highly recommend them!

Another amazing product is their Master Series, Palette One eyeshadow palette. This contains 12 shadows all matte except for one shimmer. These have incredible pigmentation (the first 3 shades are hard to see but trust me when I say they work amazing on the eyes), they blend bloody beautifully and it’s a neutral lovers dream! It is £30.71 to purchase but trust me, it’s worth the cash. I love it!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics have an insane amount of brushes and products to offer so they’re definitely worth checking out. If you read my previous post Surprise Trip To London!, you’ll know I got given a few goodies and included was another set from Blank Canvas which have the same amazing quality. I’ll be putting that post up later today or tomorrow if you want to see the other set!

Thanks so much for reading!


15 thoughts on “Blank Canvas Cosmetics | Review & Swatches

  1. Loved reading the post, ha ha good to know I am not the only one thinking that washing them is a real pain. But that’s one excuse I use to buy more of them so that I can delay cleaning 😊
    This back canvas brush set looks good! Nice swatch too.

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  2. I love this post! I feel like I always focus so much on getting new makeup, and not much on brushes. I need to invest in some good brushes, so i think ill check these out!

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