One For The Hand Sanitizer Addicts

I really do love a good hand sanitizer. Sadly enough I’m always keeping my eyes out when shopping for new fragrances. So when I received these babies I was super happy. These are from Merci Handy and smell bloody amazing.

Screenshot_20170310-115747-01I’ve got the scents Black Vanilla & New Wave. These come in the cutest 30ml bottles, perfect for your handbag. These little beauts not only smell incredible but are also packed with little emollient beads to help keep hands moisturised as well as clean.

They are available in 7 scents, including Chérie Cherry, which I bet smells incredible! The best thing about these is there is no alcohol scent at all. I find that with other hand sanitizers, even if only a little, you always get the scent of alcohol lingering. With these it’s just pure blissfull smelliness.

These are available for 3 euro which is around £2.60, really great price!

Thanks so much for reading!



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