The Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick I’ve Ever Tried | BarryM Matte Me Up + Lip Swatches

You all know how much I love liquid lipsticks and BarryM, so when the two came together I had to get my hands on them! From what I’ve tried, I love BarryM’s lip products but liquid lipsticks are easily a hit or miss. These babies are bloody amazing, I was blown away by how incredible the quality is.

screenshot_20170226-221517-01These have been out for a few weeks or so now, they have 3 Lip Kits out which all include a Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner. These are £6.99 each and limited edition. There are 5 of the Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks which are £4.99 each.

The colours they offer are stunning, a nice range of nudes, pinks and a purple popped in there & I think most will look beautiful on any skin tone. I do hope they come out with more bold shades though. I’ll get into the lip swatches and then we’ll talk about formula and wear time.

The Lip Kit in the shade Runway (lip swatch without lip liner).

Lip Paint in the shade On The Scene.

Lip Paint in the shade Paparazzi .

Lip Paint in the shade Embellish.

Now onto the formula and wear time. The formula is thin, a little watery compared to many of my other liquid lippies but in no way is that a bad thing. These are so pigmented that you don’t need to apply a lot, they smooth out on the lips perfectly and also with the formula being thin, it spreads easier and you need less product, which means it’s a lot less drying. They take less than a minute to dry and it doesn’t even feel like there’s anything on the lips. Towards the end of the day you notice your lips are a little drier than usual, something that’s just part of wearing a matte lipstick.

The wear time on these are fantastic. I can eat, drink, kiss whatever, these babies don’t budge! I’ve worn them from around 10 till 5 without the need to reapply and it looks almost newly applied. A big bonus too, you don’t need to scrub at your lips to get them off. They come off with a simple makeup wipe, no sore lips!

With the Lip Kit, I’ve never felt the need to wear the lip liner, you just don’t need it. But the lip liner itself is very creamy but sturdy and a gorgeous shade. But you can’t get the shades in the Lip Kits individually. Although I haven’t used the lip liner yet, I will do with other lipsticks and to be honest, the Liquid Lipsticks are worth the £6.99 alone anyway so I don’t even mind paying that if I was never going to use the lip liner.

I highly highly recommend you get these, especially the lip kits as their limited edition so I there’s a shade you want, grab it whilst you can. My Superdrug have pretty much been sold out of these since they had them stocked, finding it hard to get my hands on them still.

Has anyone else tried them out yet?

Thanks so much for reading!


17 thoughts on “The Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick I’ve Ever Tried | BarryM Matte Me Up + Lip Swatches

  1. They all look amazing on you and I’m so glad you love them too. I was so impressed with them, I also really enjoy wearing them although found they did come off a little easier than you. Maybe I need to prep my lips better.
    Vicky x

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