Sebamed | Affordable Skincare Review

Sebamed are a brand I’d never heard of, which is my favourite way to try out products, with a fresh perspective. Sebamed are an incredibly affordable brand and I have found a little gem in the few bits I was sent to try so lets get on with the review! Everything smells incredibly, very clean and fresh. Sebamed is sold in store at Savers or online here.

screenshot_20170222-192343-01I’ll start off with the gem shall I? This is their Hand+Nail Balm and it’s bloody incredible! It soaks in straight away, it leaves your hands feeling soft within less than a minute and not a bit of grease or oiliness. This little baby is only £4.69, an absolute bargain! This is available here online, I can’t seem to find it on the site I linked above.

Next is a product I didn’t try, their Cleansing Bar for sensitive normal to oily skin. As you all know, I have the driest skin on the planet which I find so hard to control, so there was no way I could risk using this and dry my skin out. It does claim to be mild and non drying but also deep cleansing and good for getting rid of blackheads.

screenshot_20170222-192154-01Last up is a product that’s going to be perfect for Summer. Their Lip Defense Lip Balm. This has an SPF 30 and instantly hydrates the lips upon application. It’s not quite heavy duty enough for me right now, I’ve been using it loads since I received it but I do find myself reapplying it quite a lot as it’s very light. This is going to be amazing for the no makeup days when it’s hot. This is currently on offer for £2.54.

And that’s it guys! You really do need to try the hand cream, it’s bloody amazing!

Thanks so much for reading!



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