Liquid Lipstick Haul & Lip Swatches

Liquid Lipsticks are by far my weakness/addiction when it comes to makeup. I can’t get enough of them! So I’m always on the hunt for new ones as well as working my way down my to buy list which next is Ciate Liquid Lipstick, as the shades look bloody beautiful.


So anyway, here are some I’ve purchased (purchased with my own cash, no brand has sent these) over the past few days, some you’ll have seen on my last blog post (Huge Haul | Blogger Mail, Giveaway Prize & Beauty Buys) but thought it’s shove them in this post with lip swatches. Every lipstick has a lovely scent and not overpowering in the slightest.

*If my lips change size or shape at all during the swatches, it’s because I’m shit at applying liquid lipstick, I promise they’re my lips. Also, I have normal lips, they’re not dry but I don’t have lip fillers, wish I did sometimes, so may have a few lines 😉 )


The first lippie is #TBT from Lottie London, the Slay All Day Longwear Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve eyed these liquid lipsticks up a few times on Instagram as the colours look amazing but every time I go to Superdrug, I completely bypass their stand. This shade is stunning, it’s a purple toned mauve, like a vintage shade? That’s the best way I can describe it, sorry guys haha. Trust me when I say it’s gorgeous!


Next up from the same brand is Hey Bae (cringe). This is a medium toned brown, looks incredible and a very wearable shade of brown. The photo does seem to make it look a tiny bit patchy but I promise you it’s not at all.

bc20170215_141554-01Last up from Lottie London is Queen, a stunning teal shade. This it pretty patchy on application, it’s hard to get good pigment payoff around the edges or the lips but with 2 coats you’re good to go. This one was so hard to photo as for some reason made my skin look incredibly warm. I know this isn’t everybody’s shade but I love a good bold lip and reckon everyone could pull this off! These are al £5.95 and they also have lip kits out available for £8.95.


Now onto the new BarryM Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks, these are available for £4.99. I have one lipkit to swatch for you (I’m struggling to get my hands on the other two) which will be the last one and swatched without lip liner. The lipkits are £6.99. This shade is On The Scene which is a brown toned nude and soo pretty. I thought this might be too light for my skin tone but it’s perfection.


Next we have Paparazzi which is the perfect red. Perfection in a tube!

bc20170215_141648-01This stuning colour is Embellish, a light grey toned purple. One of my favourites they’ve released. There’s 5 shades available to buy, I’m only after one more (Minimalist, pink nude) as the other shade won’t suit me (a cherry shade called Pop Up ).


Last up is their lipkit in the shade Runway. This is pictured without lip liner and I surprisingly love it to say how pink it is! It’s more on the dark nude side of pink(little darker than pictured here), so I think this will be a popular shade.

And that’s it guys! I’ll be doing actual reviews on these soon, so keep your eyes peeled for wear time, drying and everything like that.

Thanks so much for reading!



34 thoughts on “Liquid Lipstick Haul & Lip Swatches

  1. Love your swatches, I adore the Barry M matte lipsticks so I’m pleased you do too.
    I love all the shades here apart from the teal, I’m really not jay adventurous & think that shade would just make me look ill.
    Vicky x

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