Huge Haul | Blogger Mail, Giveaway Prize & Beauty Buys

The past couple of days I have been a very lucky girl and received some amazing products. And also purchased some! So expect some reviews coming up! I’ve already tried some of these items and they’re bloody amazing! I want to try them out for another day or so first but from what I’ve tried already, they’re incredible.

Screenshot_20170210-192612-01.jpegFirst of all I wanted to share my amazing giveaway prize from Lee Stafford, their new Sea Salt range. I won their Instagram giveaway and couldn’t be more excited! Especially about the Sea Salt Spray, I love the texture these sprays give. I have in fact tried the spray already and the first thing I notice is the smell. It reminds me of a stale car smell, I get travel sick and if a car has a certain smell it makes me want to puke. So, until I figure out how to mask the smell (maybe shove some hairspray over the top, I don’t know, ideas welcome!) I can’t use them. I had the spray in for around an hour and felt nauseous. Which is such a shame as I’m dying to use the rest!

Next up is a bit of blogger mail. These are the new Lipsticks from Burts Bee’s which give 8 hours of moisture, are full coverage and have a satin finish. First, how amazing is the packaging?! And second, look at those shades! I have Ruby Ripple (red) and Juniper Water (purple). These are gorgeous just to even have on display!

Screenshot_20170210-192439-01.jpegMore blogger mail from a company called IZ beauty. They do nail lacquer and accessories. I was sent a lovely pastel purple which will be perfect for spring and some nail studs (as in spikes, they’re bloody amazing and can’t wait to play with them!) and some little triangle studs. Really excited to use these with some nail art.

screenshot_20170210-192215-01Now onto the things I purchased. I saw just before Christmas that BarryM were releasing Matte Liquid Lipsticks and I was beyond excited. They finally released them this week and I had to get my hands on them! They do liquid lipstick kits which include a lip liner and liquid lipstick and other liquid lipsticks that you can just buy alone. Unfortunatly my Superdrug had already been raided and they only had one lip kit left and one liquid lip. I also repurchased my favourite setting spray and got their contour kit free. I did nip back to Superdrug today and managed to grab another liquid lippie! The purple shade is Embellish.

The Nude shade is Runway & the red is Paparazzi. The packaging is glass and feels expensive. The kits are £5.99 and the singles are £4.99. I’m sure I saw on BarryM’s story that some are limited edition but the packaging on these doesn’t specify that they are.

Screenshot_20170210-191344-01.jpegNow onto a bit of skincare. I’ve heard these L’oreal Masks are the best thing since sliced bread so I finally caved and picked one up. I got the detox mask as I’m always looking for a way to banish the pesky blackheads that I struggle with. I’ll keep you updated with my thoughts!

Screenshot_20170210-191648-01.jpegI also nipped into Primark and picked up this jumper for just a fiver. This is so stupidly comfy that I’ll be back for more! This was only a fiver and they have so many different designs to choose from. I’m really surprised at Primarks quality recently, super impressed with this jumper.


And finally I went to Boots to have a look at Makeup Obsessions eyeshadows to add to my palette. The ones I wanted were actually sold out except for this gorgeous grey shade called Slate. I know it looks sort of brown on the photo, my phone would not capture the colour, so apologies but I promise it’s grey! I realised I don’t actually own a grey shadow so it’s a nice addition to my makeup family.

And that’s it! Is there anything imparticular that you’d like to see a review on?

Thanks so much for reading!




23 thoughts on “Huge Haul | Blogger Mail, Giveaway Prize & Beauty Buys

  1. Ooh gorgeous bits and pieces, I love the Barry M products and I think the lilac polish by IZ looks amazing.
    I can’t wait to see your review of some of these products.
    Vicky xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They’re honestly incredible. I worn the kit I purchased yesterday from 9am this morning till around 15 min ago and none of it even budged. I ate, drank and everything, didn’t even fade from the inside lip. Didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. I need to get every one!

      Liked by 1 person

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