Top 5 Favourite BarryM Makeup Products


The BarryM Press Release is today and feeling a little sad I couldn’t make it. I was due for my operation round about now but decided to rearrange to the 20th as my mum is having an operation today and is obviously more important that I’m there for her.

So instead I decided to go through my BarryM products and do a post about my favourites until I can go see my mum later. I’m not going to lie to you guys, until I was sent products by them, I’d never tried their makeup (I was seriously addicted to their nail polishes though, as you all know) but they’ve really pleasantly surprised me and have some amazing products at incredibly affordable prices. These are in no order as I simply can’t decide!



My first two products are probably my most used. Firstly, the BarryM Flawless Mist & Fix Setting Spray with a Dewy Finish. This stuff makes your makeup look flawless. I had my best makeup days when setting my makeup with magic spray. The bottle is now empty but I’m definitely going to repurchase! (I purchased this myself, this product wasn’t sent to me). Costs £4.99.

Now onto one of my Holy Grails, the Illuminating Strobe Cream in Iced Bronze. If you followed my blog last year, you’d know just how obsessed I am with this highlighter. It gives the most gorgeous dewy glow, can be built up if you want blinding but I think it’s stunning with a few swipes and blended out. It also lasts ages as I still have plenty of product left. (I did have this product sent to me) Costs £4.49.



The next product is their matte lipstick which if I remember correctly, this was a new release for their Autumn/Winter collection last year (don’t quote me though, might have just been new shades and formula!). This is the shade 179, a stunning dark, mauve, nude an absolute staple. This doesn’t dry the lips out, applies so smoothly you wouldn’t think it’s matte, lasts all day and is so incredibly pigmented. I want more! (I purchased this with my own money!) Costs £4.99.

Keeping on the lip theme, their lipliner in the shade 15, I know they have names but they’re not printed on the liner. This is so pigmented and creamy that most of the time I wear them on their own. This colour is similar to the lipstick but a little more brown than pink (only slightly). These also last a good length of time, I got this last year and still have quite a bit to go! (I was kindly sent this by BarryM). Costs £2.99.

Last up was a product I’ve heard about for years but only just got around to trying, their Dazzle Dust. Mine is in the shade 105 which is a nude, champagne shade. This is so incredibly pretty on the eyes, I think it will look stunning on it’s own in the summer for a gorgeous glowy lid. I definitely need to pick more of these up! (I purchased this myself too) Costs £4.59.

And that’s it guys! Have you tried any of these?

Thanks so much for reading!




13 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite BarryM Makeup Products

  1. I think people forget about Barry M as a brand. I love how you have done a blog post on them! They’re an amazing and affordable brand. The lip liners and lipsticks are amazing quality. And the dazzle dusts are stunning.

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