Smear For Smear | Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. My Story With Pre Cancerous Cells

I think smear tests are one of the things woman either put off, take for granted or just completely forget about. Around 1 in 10 woman don’t attend their smear and for me, who was desperate for one for around 4 years, is craziness. Woman who don’t go out of embarrassment just pure infuriate me. I’d go through any sort of embarrassing situation in order to be healthy, it’s something that nobody should ever take for granted. I’ve had so many doctors and nurses look at and in my Vagina over the past 5 years I couldn’t care less now.

I’ve been having symptoms of Cervical Cancer for around 5 years now (since I was 20). Bleeding in between periods and after sex, pain during sex and abdominal pains. But do remember that Cervical Cancer doesn’t always show symptoms until it’s Advanced (i’ll go through the symptoms a little further down). I was finally allowed on last year as they’ve dropped the age limit from 25 to 24 and 6 months (it should be 18!).

Now, before getting onto my results I had the Marina Coil put in because they suspected I had Endometriosis and that made things 10 times worse. So last year I had that removed and then started showing symptoms of advanced Cervical Cancer with a couple of previous symptoms disappearing. These are constipation, pain in my kidneys and back, tiredness and leg pain/numbness in one leg. I was in absolute panic at this point and was convinced I had it.

My smear results came back that I had high grade pre cancerous cells which would need removing. To put it politely I was shitting it. Anyway, I went to the hospital to have them removed, which I’m not going to lie, the numbing needle in the vagina hurts like hell. After that, everything was completely fine, no pain or anything like that, then it was just a matter of waiting for the biopsy results. I had CIN2 which means there is moderate chance of them becoming cancerous if not removed. So I had the all clear.

I have to have smear every 6 months for 3 years now to make sure they’re being kept at bay, I actually have my next smear this Friday, which I’m looking forward to rather than dreading this time. Hopefully it will be all clear and that’s another worry which can be forgotten about.

I’m still getting all the symptoms but due for an operation next month where they’re going to take a good look around to see what’s going on.

Don’t ever take it for granted that you’re okay, just because you’re not showing symptoms or whatever, you need to go.


This is my selfie for #smearforsmear, please help in spreading the awareness and put a selfie on your social media. If just one woman goes for her smear because she’s read this post I would be over the moon!

Thanks so much for reading!



29 thoughts on “Smear For Smear | Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. My Story With Pre Cancerous Cells

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! I was diagnosed with CIN3 three years ago and it was devastating, especially because of the lack of support and the impossibility to talk about it. I also wrote about it on my blog as it was the only way I had not to bottle it up! Thank you for normalising these women’s issues!

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    1. I completely agree, it was hard to find anywhere to talk about this, besides cancer forums which were a little too intimidating for me to use. And good on you, that’s the best way, gives the option for others the share their stories/worries with you ❤️ I think this issue definitely needs to be spoken about more! Xxx


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  3. It was so great to read your story and thank you for sharing. I completely agree that women should grab the opportunity to have a smear asap. Someday soon the age limit will be lowered, I have no doubt, esp with women younger and younger experiencing symptoms.
    Vicky xx

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  4. I’ve always gone for my smear tests ever since I’ve been invited for them, and I remember getting one back with abnormalities in 2014. I was so nervous when I had to go for a biopsy, but the nurse and the consultant were absolutely amazing about the whole thing. Thankfully the biopsy showed the “we’ll probably sort ourselves out” type of abnormality. I had to have a follow-up in 2015 – which was clear – and then a second follow-up last year – which was also clear. Yes, it’s inconvenient but getting those ‘all clear’ letters is an amazing weight off the mind! I can’t help thinking it’s idiotic that they make people wait to have them though.

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    1. Aww that’s brilliant to hear darlin, so happy you’ve had the all clear! ❤️ it is! I think some people think more of the inconvenience than the results which is a shame. And it is! They say if woman have them too early it can actually lead to Cervical cancer but there’s so many other countries which allow it from 18. Xxx


  5. Great post! I have the same feeling towards people who don’t go out of embarrassment as you and I desperately wanted one a few months ago as I bled after sex and I wasn’t sure why. Think we’ve found the reason why but the fact the doctor said they don’t give me a smear test because I’m 19 and I’m too young angered me. I’ve had cancer at 17 (not cervical but the chemo I had can put you at risk of second cancers in the future, which sucks) so I know I’m definitely not too young. I know people younger than 24 that have had cervical cancer. They really need to lower the age!

    But I know once I’m old enough to get them I will be making a habit of making sure I get them. If anything’s embarrassing to me, it’s saying you don’t get a smear test because you find it awkward. Putting yourself through the awkwardness of a smear test isn’t anywhere near as hard as putting yourself through chemo/surgery, and I wish people would realise that.

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    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m so sad to hear you had cancer when you were 17 but so happy to hear you got through it! You definitely don’t need the worry again, especially when this can be prevented! They really do need to lower the age, usually it’s too late by the time they realise in under 24s and its so sad that it could be stopped with a smear. Glad they’ve figured out what’s wrong too, I hope it’s smooth sailing for you until you can get a smear, fingers crossed they lower it before you get to 24! Thanks so much for reading darlin ❤️❤️❤️


  6. Great post! Too many women don’t go, no matter what age…I don’t understand it as it’s one of the cancers that can be detected early enough to save your life unlike other types that can’t! I’m glad to read yours was picked up early and that you’ve been treated…what a scare though! I’d be a total wreck!! Total worth while post to write about even if just one person thinks to go get checked! x

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    1. Exactly, I read about a woman a few years ago who died at 23 from Cervical cancer, even though she wanted a smear she got refused one. Should never be took for granted, whatever age. And thank you darlin! ❤️ and exactly, I just can’t stress enough to people how important it is, hopefully someone will take note ❤️ thanks so much for reading! Xxx

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  7. Thank you for writing this! I completely agree that many women are unaware of HPV and don’t get a pap smear because they don’t think it’s necessary or embarrassing. It is completely ridiculous because HPV can be prevented or detected early when we go in for our annual female physicals. I hope everything works out and that you’re cancer free. Know that you won’t be going to the hospital alone, you have the support of your family, friends and of course, your readers like me! ❤

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    1. I didn’t even know about HPV until my smear either, I was definitely unaware. We don’t even have annual female physicals here in England (which I definitely think we should!) And thank you so much darlin, no idea how much I appreciate it! ❤️❤️

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