BarryM New Releases | Frosted Cupcakes + Swatches

I received an email saying I was getting a delivery from BarryM. I was so excited as they hadn’t posted anything about any new releases (on Instagram anyway, I don’t have Twitter or anything) so was super curious as to what was coming. They’ve also released a Cuticle Oil which I’ll do a separate blog post on as I want to use it for at least a 3 days to get a proper feel of it. My cuticles are an absolute state at the minute, winter has taken it’s toll and I’ve also neglected them a little (a lot) so I’ll see whether the it actually works or not!

img_20170113_182635_462 This is their new collection, Frosted Cupcakes Nail Paint and they’re stunning. These are pastel crème based polishes with tiny flecks of glitter in. The shades are absolutely perfect for Spring, even though I love winter, when it comes to my nail polish I do love a pastel/pale shade more than anything (except for red glittery nails of course, which btw can BarryM please bring back Red Glitter?!). They all have the same finish, not overly shiny finish but the glitter flakes give it the glow it needs.


The first swatch is Blue Velvet, which is my favourite, I’m an absolute sucker for a pastel blue. The flecks don’t show up crazily well (I haven’t cracked macro mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 yet, can anybody help?).This was 2 coats and full coverage.


My next favourite is Marshmallow with a matte top coat (isn’t it bloody gorgeous?!), which is an off white. I think white nails look bloody amazing but sometimes people aren’t brave enough to wear them so these sort of shades are perfect as a next step down. This took 3 thin coats for full coverage.


Next up is Strawberries & Cream. A gorgeous pastel pink which was full coverage in 2 coats.


Last up is Earl Grey. This was the shade I was most excited about trying but turned out to be my least favourite. It’s still a stunning shade but I do prefer the other 3.

Which one is your favourite? The formula and application is again spot on and they’ve done it again with another amazing release!

Before I finish, I need your help! When I transfer my photos to my laptop, the saturation seems to just disappear. I’ve had to up the saturation on these pictures to show the true colours. Can you tell me whether its just my laptop?

The left one is the one I’ve had to up the saturation on (it looks horrible on my phone but spot on on the laptop, the right is the unedited version so looks like it should do on my phone. I just want to know what you guys are seeing?

It’ll really help me out if you could let me know, I don’t want to put up crappy pictures or inaccurate swatches.

Thanks so much!


21 thoughts on “BarryM New Releases | Frosted Cupcakes + Swatches

  1. Super pretty! I wish it was much, much easier to get Barry M products here in Singapore. My only option now is to order it online and have it shipped from overseas with such an expensive shipping fee. But I love all your photos and your almond shaped nails are the prettiest!! Xoxo


  2. Gorgeous post and swatches.
    the only real difference is the skin tone, which is a lot more orange in the first picture. The blue still shows beautifully in both pictures, it just looks a tad brighter in the first.
    If you’re unsure of the picture, you could always play with the yellow/orange tones after saturation. Do you use Darkroom app? That way it would remove the tinge from your skin and not the nails.
    Hope this helps.
    Vicky xx

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    1. Thanks so much darlin, helps so much! And I don’t, I usually use snapseed to edit but I do love a good editor so I’ll download that and have a play! It just seems to be when I transfer them to my laptop the colour is completely washed out and to me they look almost white but on my phone they look like they should. So frustrating! Thanks so much for the help! Xxx


  3. First of all, lovely swatches. Secondly, the only difference I can REALLY see between the two photos is the saturation of your skin colour. The nail polish looks almost identical, with maybe slightly more colour on the first photo. The difference might be more obvious with a darker colour? Might be work trying it!

    Also, sometimes I find my phone just doesn’t want to capture the true colour of the Polish, especially darker blues/teals/greens, even if I use natural lighting – I don’t see how I can see that being an issue here though. It can be so frustrating so I know why you’re worried you haven’t portrayed the right colour!

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    1. Thanks so much darlin! I know you own the collection, do the swatches show the right colours? On my laptop they all look almost white. And I haven’t tried darker colours with my new phone yet but I’ve always struggled to get blue too, it ends up looking purple! Thanks so much for helping and answering ❤️❤️

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  4. I bought one of the molten metals barryM polishes today, the copper one and I’m excited to try it. I’m not such a nail person but lately I’ve been more into it. These look gorgeous, the marshmallow one is my favourite from the pics xxx

    As for your pictures, both look great to be honest. The colours are a little brighter on the first one, mainly shows on the fingers. The second one doesn’t look dull or anything. Your pics always look fab – I’m on my laptop btw 🙂 xx

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