Boots Sale Haul + Giveaway

This was the first time I braved it into the Boots 70% off sale and it was bloody crazy! There was people with over 6 bags full of presents, people shoving staff out the way to get their bargains, I couldn’t believe it! I only got there an hour or so after Boots opened and there wasn’t too much left but I did have a few bits in mind and luckily managed to get them!

Screenshot_20170120-202939-01.jpegThe first thing I had my eye on was the Sleek Makeup Box Of Tricks. This was originally £45 and I managed to get it for £13.50, which is insanely cheap!

Included in this is the famous Solstice highlighting palette, I love my Precious Metals one so much that I can’t wait to try this. Next is an eyeshadow palette in Vintage Romance, a contour and highlight duo in Medium and a Blush Trio In Lace. As well as that, you get a Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Shabby Chic (one of my personal favourites), a mascara (not sure which one as I’ve chucked the outer packaging away and doesn’t say on the tube), a twist up eye pencil in midnight (black), a Lip VIP in Walk Of Fame and a slanted eyebrow stick in medium. Isn’t that such an incredible bargain?! I can’t wait to try everything out, although I will be giving away a few bits on my Instagram so make sure you’re following me on there (@allthingslacquer), details coming up at the end of the post.


Next I wanted the Zoella notebook and luckily I got the last one! This was meant to be £14 and I got it for £4.20 I think. Sooo happy! I’ve always said I don’t buy into the Youtuber hype but I have to admit that Zoellas products are great quality! My fella was the cutest and decided to pick me up the Zoella bag as I was umming about but he took the decision out of my hands and got it me! Everyone who loves Zoella probably knows what came with this bag but just incase you don’t, it came with Pencils, a keyring which says Inspire, a coffee cup which says topped with cream and sprinkles and of course the bag. This was meant to be £50 but I got it for £15.


Here are the products I’ve decided to give away. The Zoella Pencils, the Sleek eyeliner, the matte me lip cream and the blush trio. I’ll be announcing the giveaway over the next few days on Instagram so make sure you’re following me!

Did you guys pick up any bargains in the sale?


Thanks for reading!


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