My New Makeup Obsession! + Swatches

Screenshot_20170105-162325-01.jpegWhen I went shopping on Boxing Day, I picked up these little beauts from Makeup Obsession in Boots. These are a new brand which come from the same company as Makeup Revolution so I had high hopes!

Makeup Obsession is all about making your own palettes. You buy the palette individually (mine was free when spending £12 or more) which range from £4 (holds 6 shadows, could be more depending on the colour & finish or the palette) to £8 (holds 12 shadows, can be less depending on shade & finish of the palette).

The shadows are £2 and come in a large pan, they’re 2g each which is a great size! You can also get contour, highlight and blush shades with the same pan size but for £3.For my palette is only cost £12 with the special offer, which I think is an absolute bargain. I also love the fact the pans come in reusable single palettes, meaning you don’t need a shit ton of palettes if you want a shit ton of shadows. And great for travelling if you’ve only used one or two shadows.


Top to bottom- Rare, Precious Metal, Lucky Charm, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon & Pearl. 


Here are the swatches (sorry about the glaring light, I had to use my daylight lamp), they’re nicely pigmented & blend amazingly. They last the whole day and I don’t even use a primer. They’re stunning, I’m already eyeing up some more shades to get!

My only downside is underneath the palette. It exposes the shadows to help with ease of popping them out. But every single time I open the palette I end up popping the bottom right shadow out and it can be a pain. But it’s definitely worth putting up with, these shadows are gorgeous and I have used them everyday since purchasing.

Anyone else tried these yet?

Thanks so much for reading!


63 thoughts on “My New Makeup Obsession! + Swatches

    1. I don’t think so darlin, I’m from Chesterfield, it’s only a small one, and they’re usually so behind, they haven’t even got NYX or Freedom Makeup yet! Next time you’re in just ask and they should be able to let you know 🙂 you can get them online? But if you’re like me your going to want to swatch beforehand haha xxx


      1. Ah! I’ll have a look in the summer then, because that’s when I go back 🙂 I am so excited now. Also, appreciated if you won’t mind check my blog, I have a review on Rosie for Autograph that you might like! Lost of love from Indonesia x


  1. I got one of these for Christmas and I can’t wait to try them out and do a blog post! I love that you can personalise them! I got a 12 palette but I think I will get a 4 one too just so I can travel with it after reading your post! Love the shades you picked out! Xxx

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  2. i saw these the other day and wasn’t sure about them, but i think i’m going to go check them out again now 💝 also, i’ve only recently started a blog, so would you please check it out & maybe follow me? thankyou x

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