Incredible Foundation For Only £2.50!

I’ve been meaning to do a review on this for a little while now, i couldn’t wait to share this little gem with you all. Like I’ve said a few posts back, Primark are absolutely winning when it comes to beauty this year! After seeing a YouTube Review by Em from MyPaleSkin, I had to try it or myself. I purchased a Primark stick foundation a while ago and I fell in love. Until I went to go and repurchase and they’d completely changed the formula and now sucks so thought I would give the other foundations a miss.

screenshot_20161227-130429-01The review Em posted was mostly positive but did mention that it didn’t seem to last long on her. With me, it lasts all day and stays flawless whilst doing it. Even my fella says my skin looks photoshopped, he’s never ever said that about a foundation before so I think it’s a winner! This is a medium to full coverage foundation and layers amazingly. I’ve definitely over applied this before but still didn’t look cakey in the slightest. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches and doesn’t highlight any flaws.

It gives a semi matte finish which I love, I don’t like matte finish with having dry skin but also don’t like dewy finishes as I feel too greasy. This is oil free so perfect for oily skin. I do actually recommend this for dry skin too, mine is the dryer than the desert but seems to LOVE this foundation.

Is there anything else I should pick up from Primark? Thanks for reading!



16 thoughts on “Incredible Foundation For Only £2.50!

  1. I happen to like Primnark’s liquid eyeliner. It is decent and inexpensive. When I travel, I like bringing along less expensive but quality beauty items and cosmetics because I would freak out if I every left the “good” stuff behind. The Primark liner is a HG for travel!

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  2. I love this foundation! It’s my fave and so cheap too. I have a primark review series (one post a month) and the best bits are definitely the liquid lipsticks, PS pro primer, PS pro high definition mascara and the lipliners 🙂

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