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My saddest Favourite post of the year, saying goodbye to December 😦 I cannot believe how quick Autumn & Winter have flown by this year! But there has been some good bits and pieces I’ve been loving and can’t wait to share.

My first product is Jeffree Star Redrum which was very kindly sent to me by a gorgeous lady called Raych from Instagram. I don’t support Jeffree Star at all but I do however think this liquid lipstick is amazing! The formula doesn’t dry out my lips at all, its full coverage, no streaks and lasts pretty much all day. Such a shame Jeffree is a dick or I’d be buying more.

Now onto a couple of fashion purchases from Primark which were part of their Boxing Day Sale. The jumper on the left is a Harry Potter Hoody which is unbelievably comfy and have worn this in the morning and at night time to lounge about in. Next is the other Jumper from Primark (I know, amazing fashion photography here 😉 ). This is cropped to just below the belly, I got mine in a size L because I prefer mine really oversized and it is ridiculously cosy! Paired together with some leggings this is the perfect lazy (but looks put together, especially with a chunky necklace) outfit.




This one is only from a few days ago as well, the Zoella body mist in Bake My Day. I really do wish I could have picked up the full size. Any scent that smells remotely like Christmas I’m obsessed with and this is no different. I do think the Gingerbread in it is a little too spicy but once it’s settled it smells just like Christmas. I’ll never be able to make this tiny bottle last me, I’m sad about it running out already and I’ve not used much!

screenshot_20161230-140451-01Next up is something I’ve been meaning to rave about for the past few weeks or so, Liquid Foundation from Primark. This foundation is incredible! I first came across this after Em from MyPaleSkin reviewed this on her channel. She had a few downsides like it not lasting long on her but for me it stays put all day. It doesn’t cake, oxidize and makes my skin look flawless. This is only £2.50 so definitely on the lowest end of cost an they have a wide range of shades available. Whenever I go to Primark I’ll be picking up one of these as I never want to run out! I’m actually going to post a review straight after this with more details.

It wouldn’t be a December favourites from me without some wax melts would it? These beauts are Yankee Candle in Cherries On Snow, Sparkling Snow & Sparkling Cinnamon. These are the perfect festive scents and I just can’t get enough of them. I definitely need to stock up on more before they stop being sold!

Next is a random one but its the Nintendo 2DS. My gorgeous fiancé got me this for Christmas and I was over the moon! No amount of makeup could have made me this happy (sorry guys!). I bloody love Mario and grew up playing him since I was old enough to watch my brothers and play. We have an Xbox which obviously don’t do any Mario games and I’ve not played Mario for years. He got me the one with Super Mario with it and we got our son a DS so I borrowed his Mario Kart and I’ve been in my element since Christmas!

And that’s everything! What was your favourite presents?

Thanks so much for reading!



15 thoughts on “December | Beauty, Fashion & Random

  1. I would love to try Jeffree Star’s products, because so many of them look really good, plus the brand is vegan. But I just can’t bring myself to buy them because Jeffree is such a cruel person to his fans. No one can say anything vaguely negative about his products without him blocking them, and getting so unnecessarily angry and defensive. I used to love him so much but he’s lost all of my respect by treating his fans so terribly!

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    1. I completely agree, some of the things he’s said are disgusting. He’s a hypocrite too, he’s fine calling out other brands but can’t take criticism himself. If he starts to make positive changes I may consider purchasing but for now I’ll stick to this one lippie haha. Thank you for reading darlin ❤️ xxx


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