Boxing Day Haul

Boxing day is always the worst day for me out of all the year. It’s goodbye to the day I look forward to all year round and it bloody sucks. However Boxing day sales do make the day a bit more bearable and I picked up quite a few bargains! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, this year was by far my best Christmas ever and I’m already looking forward to next year!


When boxing day shopping I have Tkmaxx, Superdrug and Boots in mind. I did pop into Tkmaxx but it was sucky so my next stop was Superdrug. There wasn’t a great deal in there but I did manage to snag the last Zoella Secret Scenta set for £7. I don’t usually buy into Youtubers products but I was curious to smell her new scent as it was a Christmas one and they didn’t have full size ones in stock. I was surprised at how nice they all smell so super happy with this purchase.

Next on my sale mission was Boots. I was dreading Boots as it’s always manic but their gift sets are all half price. Only this year I did pick some stuff up! This wasn’t in the sale but by a new brand that I’ve wanted to try for a while and they’d just started stocking called Makeup Obsession. You can create your own palettes for amazing prices. They had an offer on, if you spend £12 you get a free palette. Each pan costs £2 (& they’re big sizes!) so I got 6 and got the palette free. I chose 2 light all over lid shades, one matte one shimmer, a orange transition, brown shimmer, brown matte and a cranberry shimmer. I haven’t used them on the eyes yet but swatching them in store they felt buttery and were pigmented.


The one last thing I picked up from boots was this gorgeous Starbucks cup. I have such a bad obsession with cups, especially Christmas ones (I own more Christmas cups than normal ones) so I had to have this. This was £4.25 and came with a chocolate coin.

Primark was next as I wanted to pick up a few jumpers and another foundation. I’m going to do a review of this foundation but a little spoiler, it’s my all time favourite (even out of high end). Anyway, I did pick up a couple of jumpers including this Harry Potter hoodie for £7. I’d also heard that their new Ps Pro beauty sponges were dupes for the Real Techniques sponge so I picked up a couple of them to try.

screenshot_20161227-130356-01This will probably be no surprise to some of you as The Body Shop glazed apple is my favourite scent. Unfortunately they didn’t bring it back this year but I popped in to get a Spiced Apple body spray instead. Luckily my fella spotted 6 Glazed Apple sprays they had left over from last year so I had to have one. These were half price at £6 each so they were an absolute bargain. So happy with these!

That’s it really! I did pick up a few extra bits like face wipes, dry shampoo, a jumper from H&M, a DS game and some gloves but didn’t think you guys would be too arsed about seeing them!

Thanks so much for reading and hope you all enjoyed your holidays!


16 thoughts on “Boxing Day Haul

  1. Love this haul but I also share your Christmas gloom. I actually got the first ‘down’ moment on Christmas Eve when I was putting gifts under the tree. It struck me that it was nearly all over and that was terrible. However I’m focused and ready for the next one, only a few boring months to get through!
    Vicky x

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  2. your photos are just gorgeous!! It looks like you’ve picked up some good products! What does the Zoella fragrance smell like if you don’t mind me asking? xx

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      1. Haha no problem! And it’s a little hard to describe, it’s sweet but the gingerbread in it is very spicy. I personally think it’s a little too spicy but the sweetness of the rest makes up for it. I hope this helps, I’m terrible and describing scents haha. ❤️❤️


    1. They don’t darlin, I do know they have opened some stores up in the US but I’m not sure where or how many. I don’t think Primark do online shopping at all unfortunately 😦 thanks so much for reading, ill definitely check out your channel ❤️ xxx

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  3. Ooh you bought some amazing things 😍 I love Zoe’s new range.I’d love it if you followed my blog as I want to reach 250 by New Year,I’ve followed you c

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  4. Fab haul! I want to try zoellas things too but I never buy into youtubers or celebrity fragrances because they’re usually not worth the hype, but zoellas looks really good 😩

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