BarryM Limited Edition Nail Paints

BarryM always have the most amazing releases but this year they’ve kept everything so quiet until after they’ve released the products! I had no idea about this set until a week ago or so after coming across a couple of Instagram posts from other bloggers. I, of course, had to get my hands on it. 

This set is exclusive to Superdrug, limited edition and part of an amazing offer, if you spend £7 or more you get them free. The Polishes are probably worth that or more so it’s a bargain deal. 

The two Polishes are stunning and perfect for Christmas. The left polish is a shimmery red toned brown called Gingerbread. Isn’t it a stunning festive Polish! 

On the right is Icicle, a glitter topper which contains holo strands and tiny pieces of holo glitter. This is bloody gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it with some nail art. 

I thought I would also show what I purchased to get the lovely polishes too. 

I’ve wanted to try out the matte lipsticks for a while now but I always end up going for liquid lipsticks when going makeup shopping. Anyway I picked up this stunning dusky pink nude which is 179 (no name on the lipstick). This formula is amazing, long lasting and doesn’t dry the lips out. 

I’d heard amazing things about their Dazzle Dusts and thought it was about time I picked one up. This is 105 which is a pink champagne sort of shade. It’s absolutely stunning on the eyes and perfect for this time of year. 
Thanks so much for reading! 


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