Easy Red & Gold Christmas Nail Art

I cannot believe Christmas is only 26 days away! It makes me so sad how quickly the festive season is going. I have to say though, I’m definitely making the most of it, Christmas nail art, singing and dancing to Christmas music every spare second of the day and practically living in my Christmas clothes!

Anyway, I quickly did these Christmas nails which I wanted to share as they’re so easy but so festive that they’ll put anybody in the Christmas spirit!


There’s nothing more festive than red and gold together, it’s the perfect combo. I do apologise for the photo’s, the design for some reason was really hard to capture but I tried my best! I like to do mix and match nail art most so I went for a Christmas tree on my middle finger, bauble and tiny snowflakes on my ring finger and gradient on the rest.

The polishes I used are bloody stunning, the red is NailsInc Tate (which was free with kast years glamour magazine I think) & Models Own Sheer Sparkle. That’s an absolute beaut of a polish and I can’t wait to use it even more. It’s so pretty!

Screenshot_2016-11-30-11-04-54-01.jpegFor the tree I used a little striping tape and just sponged the Models Own polish on top and topping it off with a quick dry top coat.

Have any of you started Christmas nails yet?

Thanks so much for reading!


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