Mini NYX Lipstick Haul & Lip Swatches

Even though my lipstick collection consists of mostly reds, darks and nudes, I still thought I needed more Autumn and Winter lipsticks. I can’t get enough of the berry and reds, I’ve worn nothing else these past few months! I only own one lip cream from NYX and thought it was about time I expanded my collection a little. And now, I’m addicted.


The first one that caught my eye was the Liquid Suede in the shade Cherry Skies. This is absolutely stunning! It’s a deep almost brown toned red and it’s bloody gorgeous, especially for this time of year. These do dry down to a matte finish (not kiss proof though) and are long lasting.

BC20161115_111049-01.jpeg Next is another Liquid Suede in the shade Vintage. I do love this shade (it’s a little darker than pictured, I just couldn’t capture it!). It’s like a muted, mauve purple, it’s such a hard one to describe but gorgeous all the same. Online this shade did look like a dark purple so I was a little disappointed with what I received but it’s definitely a colour I’ll wear!

bc20161115_111256-01The next two are now the Matte Lip Creams, first one in Copenhagen. This shade is stunning, I knew it was one of their most popular shades and I wasn’t disappointed. Such a stunning berry shade.

BC20161115_111145-01.jpegThe next one is Prague. I was super disappointed with this, online it looked like a dark/mauve pink and it’s really quite bright! I’m not a fan of pinks at the best of times never mind with it being this bright. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be wearing this a lot at all. No complaints about the formula though!

And that’s it guys! All the lipsticks had amazing formulas, they weren’t streaky and I’m so happy with them. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Thanks so much for reading!


41 thoughts on “Mini NYX Lipstick Haul & Lip Swatches

  1. I LOVE NYX so much! Their soft matte lip cream in the shade London is my absolute favourite. Have you tried their lipsticks or lip glosses? I just wondered how well they wear. Thanks for the post. x


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