Super Easy Festive Nail Art

Yes, the Christmas nail art has started! & I couldn’t be more excited. As I’m sat typing this, I’m sat in my elf t-shirt and Santa hoodie with the decorations up and I couldn’t be happier!  I’ll be doing quite a few nail art designs this year round so I’m going to start doing weekly nail art posts soon! I thought I would start off with something super simple that’s festive but not too in your face. If you’re not a Christmas junkie like me but enjoy the season, these are perfect for you.

I decided on something a little subtle, a glitter gradient using BarryM Butterscotch Sundae as the nude base and Rimmel Glitterbomb in Midnight Mistletoe. I bloody love these! I think they’re so girly and festive without going over the top.

screenshot_2016-11-09-12-52-25-01This mani requires no paint or brushes, just a tiny piece of makeup sponge and the nail polish and you’re sorted!

Can’t wait to show you guys more designs!

Also guys, I’m thinking of starting vlogging, me, my fella and my son over Christmas (from December), is that something you’d like to see? I’m doing it more for the memories than anything else but was wondering if that’s something I should share with everyone? Let me know!


Thanks for reading!


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