Budget Friendly Christmas Décor Haul

Oh guys, I’m so excited for Christmas! I know for some people, this is way to early but my decorations have already been put up, so it’s just on time for me! I’m sorry I’ve not posted in a little while, my son has been poorly and so have I. But I will be back to posting regularly (most probably Christmas related!).

Anyway, a few weeks ago or so me and the fella went to go get some Christmas decorations. After splitting last year, we left everything at the old house and we’ve started a fresh this year. With just moving in six months ago, starting from scratch and having to buy pretty much everything again it’s definitely  been an expensive time. So we were on a bit of a budget as regarding Christmas decorations (especially with Christmas being an expensive time with a kid anyway!). We still haven’t got everything we want but we’ve got everything out and we’ll just be adding to it! We managed to pick up some lovely bits with amazing quality so I wanted to share!

Starting off with a couple of signs, these were both £1 from B&M Bargains. I’ve really got a love for wooden signs (or signs in general) and thought these were so cute!

The Noel sign and the slate sign were both from the £1 shop! I was honestly surprised at the quality of decorations they had in this year! The teeny tiny gingerbread candle (which I will never light) was £2 from Tesco and I’ll definitely be picking up more! The little glitter fake candles we’re just from a newsagents near me and we’re an impulse buy.

What’s Christmas without candles?! The one on the left is from Asda with Christmas Spice scent for £2. This candle sucks. It doesn’t smell of anything when lit and melts down so quick! Save your cash. The one on the left is from Bargain buys, smells of Apple and Cinnamon and this has a good scent throw. Not as good as wax melts (which is why I only use candles for decoration and nighttime) but for £2 is a bargain and it’s massive!

The next one is one of my favourites by far, it’s a house (maybe church) that’s covered in snow and the windows light up. I couldn’t quite fit it all on the photo but trust me, it looks so cute with all the lights off. This was from home bargains for £9.99. These light up presents we’re from B&M Bargains and I think they were 3 for £10. These can be used to hang on the tree but to me they are far too big so I’ve cut the strings off.

Next is the comfiest blanket I’ve ever owned. My goodness it’s so soft! This was from Primark for £15 and a bargain! I’d definitely pay more for it! The only downside is the white material underneath (which feels like a cloud) picks up any bits so easily. I’m worried it may get dirty very quickly! But with it being £15 it’s cheap enough to replace I suppose. Last up is this little cutie from the poundshop. A gorgeous little Christmas fox ornament with silver jewel eyes. He’s a super cute edition to the fireplace.

& that’s it guys! We have picked more up since but I thought I would save them for another post more towards Christmas.

Are you excited yet?

Thanks so much for reading!



34 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Christmas Décor Haul

  1. We’ll be home this Christmas, something we haven’t done in a long time. That means we’ll have to think about Xmas decor. I agree, it’s never the same without candles.

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  2. That gingerbread house candle is soo cute I want one! Defo taking a trip to tesco! Poundland has been so good this year for xmas decs! I went to the range at the weekend they’ve got some good bits too! Getting me so excited for Christmas! I hope you feel better 🙂 xx

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