The Perfect Accessories For Winter

Happy Halloween guys! What better way to start off Halloween day than with a winter/Christmas post?!


These gorgeous pieces are from and if you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve blogged for these guys before and I’ve never ever been disappointed with any piece of jewellery I’ve received and they’re amazingly priced.

I was able to choose a few pieces for myself and of course went straight for the Christmas bits! The first time I blogged for them, I chose a snowflake necklace which I very rarely take off so I had to get a few other pieces to match it!

The first set I chose was the Christmas SnowFlake Earrings . As you can see from the picture on the right, these perfectly match the necklace I received a year or so ago (The picture was also taken that long ago, so apologies for that!). I couldn’t be happier with the quality of these and so happy I’ve now got a little set. The earrings are only £8.05.

screenshot_2016-10-25-22-08-58-01Next we have a Diamond Cut Snowflake Necklace. I loved the other one I owned so much that I had to get another, just a little different. This is a beautiful delicate little snowflake! This is priced at £5.65.


Last up we have a gorgeous Sterling Silver & Tanzanite CZ Crystal December Birthstone Claddagh Ring . I’ve wanted one of these for years but the ones I’ve come across have all been super expensive! This is a very personal ring, of course with my birthstone Tanzanite but also with these rings, if you have the heart pointing to yours, you’re taken, if it’s pointing away, you’re single. Mine of course is pointing to my heart. Even though I’m Christmas Crazy, this is by far my favourite piece, it’s a stunner & I’m over the moon to finally have one! This was only £13, an absolute bargain.

And that’s it guys! I think i’ll be purchasing some Christmas presents off here, I highly highly recommend this site.

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are definitely my own*


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Accessories For Winter

  1. I love the snowflake necklace ! I might get one for this winter, I’ve been looking at this kind of necklaces for so long ! I also love snowflake rings, they are so cute. Thanks for sharing ! x

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