October Favourites

Well now it’s the end of October, it’s officially the start of Christmas right guys?! I know here in England we celebrate Bonfire Night in a few days but I hate that holiday so to me it’s the start of Christmas! I’m so so so excited. We’ll be putting up the decorations this Sunday (I know, I know, it’s too early but we always decorate on the 6th of November) and I can’t wait!

My favourites this month aren’t overly exciting and there’s only a couple of things I’m truly in love with, these we’re just a little favoured over some of my other beauty bits. In all honesty the makeup I have been loving and using most this month, I’ve featured many times before and didn’t want to keep including the same month after month. So I’ve picked out others I’ve been enjoying.

screenshot_2016-10-31-13-47-46-01I’ll start off with skincare, first being Weleda Skin Food. This is a super intensive moisturiser for dry and rough skin. I’m not too sure whether this is good for the face or just meant for the body but I’ve been using this every night as my skin has been on a bit of a dry spell and needed something that was really intensive. There are a few cons to this product, it smells sooo bad! I have to spray body spray when I use this as the smell is so intense. Also, it’s super super sticky. It takes a good while to soak into the skin, I do find it extremely hard to go to bed with my hair down without ending up like cousin it with my hair stuck to my face.

Next we have Argan Oil from a uk Indie Brand Fairy Pants. I’ve recently been absolutely loving the Primark stick foundation (I was going to put this in my monthly favourites but I picked some new ones up and they’ve changed formula, which isn’t as good as the original and they’ve also taken out 3 grams of foundation but for the same price) but as with all stick foundations they can be quite drying. We all know the putting a few drops of oil in foundation trick but can’t do that a stick foundation. I’ve been applying this oil all over my face before application and it makes the foundation apply beautifully and gives a gorgeous glow. I do not recommend this trick if you’re oily because I do fin myself having to blot several times a day and I have super dry skin.


Now onto make up! I recently picked up a few new liquid lipsticks from Primark and I absolutely love them. I’ve read mixed reviews but they really do work for me, are long lasting and don’t dry my lips out at all! I got the shades Kendall which is a dark lilac and Kylie which is berry with some subtle glitter in (which is barley noticeable when on the lips).

On the left we have Kylie and right is Kendall.

Last up we have the Burt’s Bees Ginger Spice Lip Balm. I recently just wrote a review (link here) and I can’t get enough of it. If I’m not wearing liquid lipstick I’m wearing this. It smells so incredible and it’s so moisturising, definitely an Autumn and Winter Essential! For £3.99 you can’t go wrong!

What have you lovely lot been loving?

Thanks so much for reading!



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