£1 Dupes Of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams Inc Lip Swatches

You guys know I love trying out cheap makeup to see if there are any gems being hidden out there. When I went to the Poundshop, I never expected to find a dupe for the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. These are the brand Makeup Gallery which is poundshops own brand. I have tried out so much of their range and surprisingly I’ve liked if not loved most of it!


I came across a post on their Instagram with new ranges being added such as eyeshadow crayons and matte lip creams and I had to get my hands on them to try them out! I did get 4 shades (one I gave away as it was a bright pink with a glitter sheen) but I’ll be reviewing these 3. I didn’t know what to expect because although I have enjoyed their range, it’s still only £1 so I was on the fence whether these would be good or not.

In regards to NYX, the packaging is similar, the texture is similar and the smell is identical. Now, I’m not sure about colours because I do only own one NYX cream but with everything else, they’re pretty much exact. The texture & formula is a little different, I actually prefer the Makeup Gallery ones than to NYX. The NYX is soft and creamy but a little one the thin side and not too pigmented. Whereas the Makeup Gallery ones are a little thicker but still smooth and creamy and are more pigmented and longer lasting.

I do apologise they’re not matte on the photo, I swatched and just took a photo straight away. With all of the products, after about 5/10 minutes wear, they’re completely matte but not drying. Lets get into the lip swatches!

They’re gorgeous aren’t they?! The nude is a little too nude for me but with a darker lipliner on underneath it can work. Then we have the pink/berry. It’s a tad bit darker than the picture shows, I think it’s perfect for people who don’t want really dark lips for Fall. And the red is by far my favourite, it’s the perfect red. Unfortunately, I don’t think these shades have names (I can’t find any on the packaging) but hopefully if they become a little more popular they might add them in the future.

Overall I bloody love these and highly recommend you guys trying them out! If you love the NYX matte lip creams, you’ll love these.

Thanks so much for reading!


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