Halloween Treats From The Present Finder – Review

I can’t believe it’s only 2 days till Halloween! Time has absolutely flown by this Autumn after the 31st it’s officially the start of Christmas for me! So excited!

The lovely guys at The Present Finder let me choose a couple of gifts for Halloween to share with you all. I decided to choose a couple that my son could benefit from, rather than glow in the dark shoe laces or a shocking pen.


So the first one I selected was the Personalised Halloween Sweet Jar. I didn’t get to choose what it said on it (paying customers can) so it came with my name printed on the tub. This is a 250g plastic tub filled with sweets, my son loved it of course! I however did find it quite expensive! The tub isn’t massive and it is only plastic. I picked up some sweets for trick or treaters the other day for £1 and they happened to be what the tub is filled with, so I wouldn’t say it’s great value. Granted you are paying more for it being personalised but for £8.99 I say it’s on the pricey side.

Next up was the Glo Owls . Didn’t everybody have these as a kid?! Well not owls, but stars anyway. This lovely tin comes with 42 assorted owls including 4 different kinds of owls, and stars. Also comes with little stickers to stick them around the room. Sadly I wasn’t too fond of these either. They really didn’t want to stick to my sons wall (it’s only painted, not bumpy wallpaper or anything like that) and I didn’t find they glowed too well either. I know when I was younger they didn’t glow amazingly either so I wasn’t too surprised about that, just sucks that they kept falling down after a couple of minutes. These are only £3.99 though so much more on the affordable side!


It’s a shame these didn’t work out for me, they do seem to have some lovely gifts on their site but that’s just sometimes how it goes eh!

Thanks so much for reading guys!


*contains gifted or pr sample but all opinions are my own*


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