Very Budget Friendly Autumn Makeup- Plum Eyes & Lilac Lips

Guys, isn’t it getting so close to Christmas?! I’m sooo excited, we’re going to buy our Christmas decorations tomorrow! Usually we wait until the 6th of November to decorate but I don’t know if we can hold off that long!

Anyway, onto the actual blog post. Autumn and Winter are the perfect times to get experimenting with makeup. It’s the only time of year where it’s socially acceptable (although fuck what anyone thinks, you like it, you rock it anytime of year) to wear dark lips and dark eyes together without it being too much, to wear crazy shades of lipsticks like dark blue and not have people stare at your lips whilst your being served in the shops!

I’ve been playing around a little (although still giving eyeliner a miss as I just don’t think it suits me!) and I’ve come up with a look I really love whilst it still being a little unique with the lip colour. I know some people will love it and some will hate it but I think it’s soo pretty! I realise I’ve been rambling far too much for my typical blog post so lets just get into the makeup!

For this look I went a little more dark than normal and I’m not usually one to put plum/cranberry shades all over the lid as it makes me look like I’ve been punched in the eyes but I do however like this for some reason! I feel it’s not too dark, not too berry toned and I think the lilac lips work perfectly with the shades on my eyes. What do you all think?

screenshot_2016-10-23-16-00-42-01 For this look I used 2 palettes, Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals & Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart. These two together are an Autumn dream and can create so many gorgeous looks with these and best of all they’re both under a tenner! The liquid lipstick is a recent purchase from Primark, their liquid lipstick in Kendall. For £2 the formula is amazing and stays put all day. I couldn’t recommend these enough!(they can be quite drying though, but for £2 can you really complain?!)

I used around 5 shades from the palette to create this look and I love it. I can’t wait to experiment with these palettes more. Are there any looks you’d like to see? I will use liquid eyeliner if requested 😉

Thanks so much for reading!



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