Hair Removal At Home | 12 Week Update.

Ah it’s my last update for you guys! If you’ve been following my updates and posts, you’ll be well aware of how great this little beaut is.

I have been using this product every 2 weeks as instructed and have some very visible results! I’ve been using this on my leg hair which has always been a pain for me. If I shave in the morning by night I feel stubble so I was keeping my fingers crossed that this would work for me. And it has. My hair is still growing but it’s a lot more fine and there are some patches where there’s hardly any hair growth at all. There are 5 levels, each more painful than the other. I have it on 4 (which no matter how many times I do this treatment it still hurts!), the lower you go, the less effective and more treatments you’ll need, the higher, the more effective and less treatments needed.

My only downside to this product (except for the pain but that’s too be expected) is the size of the laser removal head. It does take quite a bit of time to do just one leg let alone anything else. And with a smaller head means more pulses which means more zaps of pain!

But that really is my only downside. If you can spare half an hour/ an hour every 2 weeks and can deal with a little pain this product is perfect for you. I have to admit it’s a little pricey, currently on offer at £299 down from £375 but if you’re having it professionally done I imagine it would cost more and you get to do this at home.

If you want to take a look at the product, how to use and the reviews the link is here, you can also see whether you’re suitable to use this product.

What do you all think?

Thanks so much for reading!


*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own*


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