New Face Masks from OohArr

Face masks are a complete weakness of mine, I can never have too many! So I was delighted to be able to try out these new babies from OohArr, their new cream masks. I prefer cream masks than to Clay as I have dry skin and they leave my skin more hydrated.

The first mask is Fruity Magic Rejuvenating Cream Mask. This contains Pomegranate, Green Tea and a few vitamins chucked in there to hydrate the skin and give a natural glow. My skin felt sooo soft after using this, since the weather has turned cold I’m finding my skin hard to control again and it’s currently going through a very dry stage which I’m really struggling to cope with! This helped combat my driest area’s, I was so chuffed!

The next one is a Juicy Burst Nourishing Face Mask. This has vitamin C, Olive and Orange to help give you a gorgeous complexion and hydrate the face. I didn’t notice much with my complexion, I think this will come over long term use but it certainly did hydrate which as I’ve said is definitely what I need right now!

These face masks are just £1.20 each, available here if you’d like to purchase. They do also have a range of Clay face masks available which I have also tried and loved if you’d like to take a look too.

Thanks so much for reading guys!


*contains gifted or pr items but all opinions are definitely my own!*


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