Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

I’m so excited for Halloween this year, I thought it was about time I did some bloody nail art! This year I’m more excited than ever because it’ll be the first time I take my little lad trick or treating. He’s 4 but the area I used to live in was not safe to take a toddler out so now I’m in a lovely area, we can finally go! I haven’t done any proper nail art where I’ve sat down and painted in ages and I’m so happy with how these have turned out!

screenshot_2016-10-13-12-03-21-01Pumpkins have to my favourite thing about Halloween and these we’re the first things to pop into my head to do. I used BarryM New Coconut Infusion polish in Oasis. A gorgous muted purple, perfect for this look. The rest was done with acrylic paint and all freehand.

Screenshot_2016-10-13-12-03-41-01.jpegThese took me around an 45min/an hour to do altogether, which I’m quite surprised I did it that quick, I’m very rusty! I did want to do these shiny to add to the effect but I couldn’t for the life of me get a decent picture because of the shine of the topcoat I used (BarryM Wet Look) so I opted for a matte topcoat, which I actually prefer!

What do you guys think?


Thanks so much for reading!


29 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

  1. Omg my two favourite things in a blog post,Halloween and nail art 😍 you made them look so good,great post and I’d love it if you could check out my blog! Definitely following yours ❀️

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